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Burdell - Lizzie Schanedorf

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Thursday 11 August 1892

Mrs. Lizzie Burdell, daughter of Nicholas Schanedorf, living north of the city, took arsenic last Friday and died Wednesday afternoon in the city hospital at Indianapolis. Her husband is a clerk in the When Clothing store, and they have been married about 6 months. They had been separated twice, and he had applied for a divorce. It is claimed that he was jealous of a former lover of his wife, and this was the cause of the trouble. About the 12th of last month Mrs. Burdell came here to visit her father, and Mr. Burdell came with her, but returned immediately. He went to the house and packing up all of their furniture, took away, leaving a lot of his wife’s fancy work thrown about over the floor. Burdell then wrote his wife a short letter to come home, saying he had a surprise for her. When she came to the house she found all their household effects removed and was thrown into a fit of despair. The woman then went to the house of Mrs. Dietch, on Arsenal Avenue, where she took the arsenic. Mrs. Greenstiner, a sister of the deceased, who lives at Indianapolis, said Mr. Burdell was not to blame, and that they had had a great deal of trouble ever since they were married. Mr. Greenstiner said that there was not a nicer man in the city that Mr. Burdell, and that his wife’s tragedy was the result of her own work. - thanks to S for this one

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