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Byrd - Samuel A.

Samuel A. BYRD

Source: Waveland Independent Oct 24, 1913

Funeral services were held at the home of Capt. Ed Otto on Sunday by Rev. FW Hixon. Interment at Oak Hill. On the morning of Mr. Byrd's death he was making preparations to take his daughter, Mrs. Crutchfield to the station on her return to her home in Roswell, New Mexico. He had corded a trunk and returned to the barn. Not reappearing for some time, the youngest daughter, Rachel went to look for him and found him lying on his face in the barn loft. She turned him over and found he was dead. While the manner of his death is not certain, it is thought that he climbed on the plate timber of the barn to close a window in the gable. Marks on the plate showed that his feet had slipped off and in falling he probably struck the plate with his chin as the jaw was broken on the right side and the broken bone driven into the base of the brain. Death must have been instantaneous. Mrs. Byrd will return to LeLoup, Kansas to settle up her affairs and will then come to Indiana to live. She has two children at home; Rachel and Robert. The three married daughters are: Mrs. Ed Crutchfield, of Roswell, NM; Mrs. Ed Otto of Crawfordsville; and Mrs. Earl McCready of Atchison, Ks; George Byrd of Indianapolis, a brother arrived in his auto in the afternoon after Mr. Byrd's death. There was $1000 insurance which had been taken out in the summer. Mrs. Byrd is a sister of Sherman and Robert Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Williams attended the funeral on Sunday.
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