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Byrd - James

Source: Crawfordsville Review, Montgomery County, Indiana 11 April 1891 p 1

Among the saddest deaths that ever occurred in this city was that of James and Ed Byrd, brothers. For some weeks the family has been down with the grip or rather pneumonia, but the climax of their distress was not reach until Monday night when James, aged 22 years, expired and Edward, aged 28 years followed him on Tuesday at 1 o'clock p.m., this ending the career of two very promising lives. Edward was married and leaves a wife and small son to mourn his death. The funeral of both young men occurred on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. GW Switzer officiating. The double funeral was followed to Oak Hill by a large concourse of friends and relatives where the two young men were laid to rest side by side to await a glorious resurrection - kbz

Different column - One of the saddest incidents connects with the funeral of the Byrd boys was the inability of the parents to be present at the funeral. Both the old people were confined to their beds and at this time are very low with small hopes of recovery.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday, 7 April 1891

It is seldom that one family is called upon to undergo so many calamities in so short a time as has been the Byrd family of this county. They reside east of the city and are among the best known and respected people in the community. For several weeks the family has been down sick, and today the climax of their calamity was reached in the death of their sons, Edward and James, two of the most promising young men of this city. James, aged 22 years, died last night and Edward died at 1 o’clock this afternoon. The funeral of James has been set for tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o’clock to be conducted by Rev. G. W. Switzer. The funeral of Edward has not been yet arranged for. Both these young men are well and favorably known in this city where they have passed their lives. Both were honest, upright and industrious, and noted also for their remarkable musical talents. Edward Byrd was married and leaves a wife and infant son. The death of these two young men casts a gloom over the entire community, and the stricken family has the sympathy of all.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Wed 8 April 1891

The double funeral of Ed and James Byrd occurred this afternoon. A large concourse of friends attended and the occasion was a very sad one Rev. G. W. Switzer conducted the services and the interment occurred at Oak Hill.

Source: Weekly Argus News 11 April 1891

Wednesday at 2 o’clock the funeral of the Byrd brothers, James and Edward, was held and was one of the saddest affairs in the history of the county.  They were both laid to rest in the same grave at Oak Hill.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 11 April 1891 p1

James Byrd, son of Peter Byrd, died Monday at his father’s home
about three miles northeast of the city. He was attacked with LaGrippe some time ago  which was followed by pneumonia. His age was 22 years. His funeral occurred Wednesday at 1:30 and was conducted by Rev. Switzer. Interment at Oak Hill.

Ed Byrd, a brother of James died about 2 o’clock Tuesday at the residence of Mrs. ME Carroll.  Like his brother he was also a victim of LaGrippe followed by pneumonia.  His age was about 31 years. A wife, nee Jennie Carroll and one child, Roy, mourn most deeply his death.  He and James Byrd were born and reared in this vicinity. Both were highly respected young men and well-known throughout the community as such and on account of their musical talents. James was never married.

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