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Burford - Harold James


Source: Waveland Independent, Thursday, June 29, 1905

One of the saddest events that ever took place in this community was the tragic death of Jesse Burford's little son Harold which occurred on Monday afternoon. He was the proud owner of a pet pony presented to him about a month ago by his grandmother, Mrs. Josephine Milligan of Topeka, Kansas. Harold and his father were preparing to go to the hay field after dinner and he was leading the pony from the stable and had the halter strap looped around his arm. It is thought that the boy's hat blew off and frightened the pony; in any event it began to run and threw him down. The loop tightened on his arm and he was dragged at the heels of the now frantic animal. Mr. Burford made unavailing efforts to stop the pony. Mrs. Burford was a witness to the horrible spectacle and was paralyzed with fright. Finally Mr. Burford was able to corner the pony and held it by main force until the mangled boy was released from the strap. Physicians were immediately summoned but he expired a few moments after their arrival, mercifully without regaining consciousness. Funeral services were conducted at the home at 2:30 Wednesday evening by Dr. GW Gibson. Interment at Maple Ridge. -  kbz

Source: Crawfordsville jOurnal, June 27, 1905 -

Yesterday afternoon about 1 o'clock Harold BURFORD, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Burford living two miles NW of Waveland was killed by a runaway pony. The little fellow was in the barn lot playing with the pony and was holding it by the bridle when his cap blew off. This frightened the naimal and he started to run away. The boy had twisted the bridle strap around his hand and when the pony ran the strap tightened and the boy was unable to release himself. His father saw his danger and called to him to let go not knowing that the boy could not do so. Mr. Burford then experienced the agony of seeing his only son and only child killed before his very eyes. The weigh tof the boy tugging at the bit seemed only to frighten the pony the more and he dashed aroudn the barn to an orchard at a fearful rate frequently striking the little fellow in the head iwth his heels and bumping him against the trees and stumps. Finally Mr. Burford succeeded in catching the ponyb ut not until his son was in an unconscious condition. Drs. Straughan were called from Waveland but the boy never ralllied and died about 2 o'clock without having recognized his parents or friends. The head was badly mangled, the skull crushed and the body badly bruised. The blow falls with crushing weight on his parents as he was not only their only child but a bright and loveable boy, a favorite with everybody. The pony was a present from his grandmother, Mrs. John Milligan of Topeka, KS and had been on the place about 2 months. It seemed perfectly gentle and was 8 years old. - kbz - RIP Harold - such a sad loss

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