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Ames - Mahala Kellison

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday 21 May 1897

Mrs. Mahala Ames, relict of James Ames, died of heart disease last Friday at 5 o’clock at her home near Elmdale. Mrs. Ames was 71 years of age and was the mother of Ed. Ames, of this city.
She was a pioneer of the county and a most estimable, Christian woman.

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Mrs. Mahala Ames Leaves Discourses to be Read at her Funeral and her Grave

Mahala Kellison was born May 5, 1826. She was first married to Nathan Ball and two children were born to them. She married James Ames, August 14, 1853, and to them six children were born.

Mrs. Ames was a member of the Baptist Church, uniting with it August. 19, 1848, at the time of the association. She died May 14, 1897, at her home near Elmdale, passing away quite suddenly. In anticipation of death, however, she had written two short addresses, one to be read at her funeral and the second at her grave. The funeral address is as follows:

“Why shed your tears in sorrow when the good Lord calleth his own? Amidst all the trials of life the good Lord has ever been my staff and comforter and now He has only called me from a world of trouble and disappointments to a world of joy and everlasting happiness. I am glad to close my eyes in death to open them in Heaven. So calmly the Christian sleepeth away, and eyes that are closed in death shall wake to weep no more, but as a saint be forever happy. From all our toils and pains, on silvery wings I’ll soar away to praise my God in endless days in Heaven and forever happy be. Then, Oh my dear friends, weep not for me.

When I was about seventeen the good Lord showed me that I was a great sinner, and I was made to weep and mourn on account of my many sins, till the good Lord was ready to pardon my sins. I was made happy in old Asbury Chapel at the mourners’ bench, and from that time until death this poor stammering tongue has never been able to express that sweet comfort and peace that has been strewn all along my pathway. I will welcome death and I will gladly go, for I have just been on a visit here. Now, my dear friends don’t weep for me. I am safely landed on the bright shore, at home with the dear loved ones that have gone before me, where there will be no partings, no tears, no sighs, no toil; all joy and happiness forever and ever.

My dear family, I leave you all in the good Lord’s care. Trust in Him for all you need and you will be happy in this world and in the world to come.”

Following is the address read at the grave:
“I heard a voice saying that the spirit never dies; but the body which came from the earth must mingle again with the sod, and the good Lord gave and He taketh away at His own good time; and praises be unto the Lord. Now I bid farewell to all below and I do hope to meet you all on the bright shore, where there will be no sickness, no sorrow, no pain, no death; but all joy and happiness.

When you, my dear friends, have carefully lowered my body to its final resting place, I do leave my most grateful thanks to my kind neighbors and friends for what you have done for me and my dear family. And now, my dear ones, do not mourn as those that have no hope, but rather rejoice, and now as you are about to leave me to go to your respective homes, may God’s blessing go with you all and ever keep you, is my prayer. Amen.”

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