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Allison - John Monroe

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 8 March 1895
New Ross, Mar. 5—John Monroe Allison, an old bachelor, who lives in a lonely house in the north end, was missing yesterday, but as he often roams out into the country no one thought anything strange about it until late in the evening, when Charles Lewis Jr., came in from his father’s and said he had not been there. Then fears were entertained as to his whereabouts and safety. Mr. Lewis then went up to the house of John and looking through the window was startled at what he saw. The unfortunate man lay on the floor, partly under the cook stove and was to all appearances dead. Efforts were made to arouse him, but to no avail. The door was then broken down and an entrance made. He was picked up and lain upon a bed, cold and appearing lifeless. He had no doubt been laying on the cold floor all day. He is in a critical condition and the doctors have grave fears of his recovery. -s

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