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Alfrey - Lulu

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Thursday, 22 February 1894

It is with unusual regret we chronicle the death of Miss Lulu Alfrey, which occurred at 8 o’clock this morning at her home, the residence of her father, Mr. Henry Alfrey, on East Jefferson Street.Her death was not unexpected. It has long been realized by her family that her life was in the grasp of the fatal consumption, and that they could only hope to prolong a little while her days, and ameliorate her sufferings. For that, everything that medical skill, travel, climate, and the loving care of a devoted household could afford was done. She was a young woman of fine character. She was possessed of artistic talent. Her education was obtained at St. Mary’s of Terre Haute, where she graduated in June of 1892. She was beautiful, refined in style, generous, kind and ambitious to fill her world with happiness and good.  Miss Alfrey was born in Delaware County, Ind., March 1, 1871, and was at the time of her death, lacking one week, twenty three years old. Her health began to fail some months previous to her graduation and since then the progress of her disease has been unstopped, although nothing possible was left undone for her relief and cure. The winter following her graduation the family spent in El Paso, Mexico, going north as the summer approached, passing the early months in New Mexico, and the later in Manitou. In August of same year she returned to Crawfordsville and remained at home till December last, when accompanied by her father and sister, she went south. For two months the genial climate and advantages of Jacksonville, Fla., were tried in the hope of improvement but from the first it was evident that no such change could be expected and on last Wednesday morning she was brought home. It was a very great gratification to her and her family that she was permitted to reach home even alive. On Thursday Miss Alfrey received baptism, and was on confession of her faith in Christ admitted to the membership in Center Church by the session, called together in her sick room for that object.  The funeral services will be held at her father’s residence on Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock. The services will be conducted by the choir and pastor of Center Church and the interment will be made at Oak Hill. - thanks so much to "S" for all her super workon the obit pages :)

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