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Albertson - Parker

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Saturday, 19 September 1874
One of the pioneers of our county has gone to his reward. Thursday, the 10th inst., at his residence on the Yountsville Road, Parker Albertson, resigned the things of earth. Deceased was truly one of the men of olden times. He was born in Long Island, in the year 1776, and consequently was seventy eight years of age when he died. He removed to this county forty five years ago, and could relate from his own personal knowledge the history of the progress of Montgomery County from that day to this. In manners he was as artless as a child, and one could not visit his home without thinking he had been transported backward to the days of the early settlers. His house was a museum of curiosities; all the old implements of agriculture used by himself and his father before him were carefully preserved, and many of them did duty up to the last summer. Mr. Albertson had in his possession a family record several hundred years old, which, as a curiosity, is worth a long journey to see. The penman who began it was one of extraordinary skill. Mr. Albertson leaves one daughter, a lady fifty eight years of age, who has resided with him all her life. To her his loss will be keenly felt. Her mother died many years since, and she is all of a once numerous family that remains at the old homestead.

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