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Albee - Anson

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Monday 8 Dec 1890

A telegram received at the Junction House yesterday morning announced that Anson Albee, of this city, had been killed by falling over the steep bluffs at Gosport about 5 o’clock a. m.

Mrs. Albee took the first train for that place and his sons and relatives were telegraphed Mrs. Albee reached home last night with the body and it was taken to the home of Patrick McManis on Franklin Street to await burial. It seems that Mr. Albee left for Martinsville last Thursday to seek a location for a hotel and arrived at Gosport early yesterday morning on his way home. In walking from the I. & V. station to the Monon station he is supposed to have walked off the bluffs in the dark. It was a terrible fall or 40 feet onto the rocks and Mr. Albee’s neck was broken, death resulting immediately. When the body was found at 7:30 a.m., the gold watch and about $30 in money were still in the clothes, showing that no robbery had taken place. At noon today the time for the funeral had not been set, owing to the fact that all the relatives had not been heard from.

Mr. Albee was 73 years old and has resided in this city for three years, having had possession of the Junction House until within the month, then selling out to Col. Anderson. Mr. Albee was born in Rutland, Vermont, but passed most of his life in Leigh, Mass. He was an old railroad man and known all over the State as a thorough going, honest man.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Monday, 5 Jan. 1891

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