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Ammerman - Mary Ham

Source: Crawfordsville Review, Saturday, March 5, 1881

It has been sometime, since The Review has been called upon to chronicle a suicide. This week we have two, that of a woman and a mother, and that of a single man. Mrs. Mary Ammerman, wife of Richard Ammerman of the vicinity of Alamo, Monday in a fit of depression, hung herself in the smokehouse with a rope. Her husband came home and missing his wife, commenced a search for her and found her hanging to a beam in the smokehouse dead. No cause is given for the rash act except that she had been in ill health for some time, and was depressed in spirits which had at last affected her mind.

The other case, is that of a rather aged single man, Randolph Coleman, living three miles east of Darlington, on the Thorntown pike. Mr. Coleman was 57 years old and in good health, but was given to fits of melancholy, and it is supposed that during one of these, he committed the deed. He hung himself with a halter in the barn, first having heckled the head stall around a beam but a few feet from the floor. he ties the other end in a loop around his neck, fell forward on his knees and was slowly choked to death, his head being a little distance from the floor, and in this condition. Coroner Henry and Justice Russell found him Monday morning when a call to hold an inquest. The verdict of the jury was of course 'self-destruction." - -- thanks muches to Kim H who contributes so many of our obits - you rock, girl !!

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