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Alspaugh - Joseph A.

Joseph A. Alspaugh (Joe)

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana March 1, 1929

Joe Alspaugh, for many years identified with business life of the city and who until the time of his father's death a few months ago, with the parent conducted one of few remaining harness and saddlery stores in the state of Montana, passed away suddenly Sunday at his home at 306 S. Second St. The community was shocked during the day as news of the unexpected removal from life's activities spread about the city. No one had been informed as to an illness, and the physical characteristics of the man were such that none dreamed that he would be a victim of a heart attack. Mr. Alspaugh arose at an early hour Sun. morning and went to the window of the bedroom to close it. Mrs. Alspaugh asked him what time it was while he was up. He replied, "6:20", and again lay down on the bed. It was soon after this that Mrs. Alspaugh heard her husband groan as if in severe pain. Alarmed, she inquired as to what was the matter. He answered, "I do not know; it is something very serious; call the doctor." This she did and before she could return to the sleeping chamber, her husband had expired. Dr. Paul Greene, who made a hurried trip to the home, gave it as his opinion after examining the body that the deceased had passed away as the result of an angina pectoris in the arteries that pride and force the blood into the heart. Mr. Alspaugh had no discontinued his work, and was about his place of business as usual Saturday. Although for several days he had complained of not feeling in his usual vigorous health. It was believed he suffered what thought to be a light case of flu. This affected his heart action and in some manner the blood clot found its way into the veins, with the resulting tragic end. Joseph Alspaugh came to Livingston from Waveland, Indiana in 1912. With the parent he entered the saddlery business, which broadened to include one of the finest lines of leather goods in traveling bags and other kindred merchandise carried within the state of Montana. On Feb 18, 1913, he was married to Miss Mamie Williams. Beside the widow surviving him are a sister, Mrs. Don C. Evans of South Sixth St, and the brother, Frank Alspaugh, a member of the firm conducting the business of the Progress Clothing store. His mother preceded him in death on Jan 17, 1926 and his father passed away Oct 23, 1928. Livingston Montana Enterprise Mr. Alspaugh was a member of WHS '97. The class included Gertrude Hendrickson Stebbins, Lee Straughan, Bessie Wolfe McCoy, Martin H. Foster, Lottie Pickard Teegarden, Cecil C. Rusk, Lela Foster, Alexander Moore and Effie Willoughby Tapp. Teachers for that year were George L. Guy, Eunice B. Little, Laura Spencer, Hintie J. Wray, Anna Anderson and Allie May Bland. - kbz

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