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Waynetown -

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Friday, 13 October 1893
Seven brick business blocks in Waynetown were destroyed by fire Wednesday night. Several residences and barns were also burned. The fire originated in the cellar of Harmon & Henry’s hardware store and burned four hours. Aid was telegraphed for from Crawfordsville, but no train could be secured. At one time four men were at work on a roof when an explosion of dynamite occurred, throwing them in the air. One of the fell to the sidewalk and was badly hurt. Incendiarism is suspected and four tramps were arrested, but released later. Several houses were robbed during the night. The losses will reach $180,000 with little insurance.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Monday, 16 October 1893
Waynetown, Ind., October 16—Today while looking over the ruins of the late fire in the burnt portion of the town, some boys made a sensational discovery in the cellar of Hornell & Henry’s hardware store. The charred remains of a human skeleton were found showing almost beyond doubt that the conflagration of last week was not without its human victim.
The fire had been exceedingly hot where the remains were found but enough remains to show that the bones were those of a human. There have been taken out a large femur bone with a knee cap, a part of the lower jaw and the remains of several other distinctly human bones. This discovery has attracted a large crowd to the scene and great excitement prevails.
The spot where the bones are is placed under guard and will remain so until the proper authorities arrive and remove them for investigation. It was in the cellar of Hornell & Henry’s store where the fire originated and various theories are advanced for the presence of the bones in this place. Some think that they are the remains of Perry Marsh, as this gentleman has been missing since the fire. He was seen during its progress, however, so he is doubtless still in the land of the living. Others think that the bones are probably those of one of the band of tramps in the town the night of the fire.

It is thought that one of them entered the cellar and while lighting a match to guide him caused an explosion of some oil gas. Other theories tenable and untenable are fling from mouth to mouth. The coroner has been sent for and a proper investigation will be made.
Note: The bones found in the ashes of the Waynetown fire were mostly ham bones.

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