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Voris - Geo Wash - unsound

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 4 June 1897
The jury in the Circuit Court last Monday found G. W. Voris, better known as Wash Voris, to be of unsound mind and recommended that a guardian be appointed to look after bis affairs. Mr. Voris was a soldier in the civil war and it was there that he received wounds that indirectly have brought on his present condition. He has an application for a pension, but every time, that the matter is placed in the hands of a pension attorney he writes to the Washington officials and warns them to have nothing to do with the men who have, his case in hand. On several occasions he has done this and in doing so, he has created a feeling of doubt in the minus of the pension bureau, who have withheld his pension when otherwise had he not interfered he would have received it. On one occasion he walked the entire distance from this city to Washington, D C., to investigate the matter and having satisfied his mind in regard to the matter he walked  to Lebanon.  back home. Of late, however, he has been accusing several of his relatives and other parties of having received the pension and applying it to their own use into a store and calling for the proprietor demanded rent for the building he was occupying, Voris claiming that his money had been used in purchasing the building. On all other subjects Mr Voris appears to be rational. His hobby, however, is his pension money.

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