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Typhoid Fever

Source: Greencastle Daily Banner-Times 14 Oct 1895 p2

Crawfordsville Journal – All over Indiana typhoid fever is raging and in many of the towns diphtheria is rampant.  The State board has no record of all the places where these afflictions prevail and none of the total number of cases.  In some places it has been necessary to close the public schools. Everywhere city and county boards are earnestly at work to abate the epidemics. The State Board is lending its aid and urging subordinate boards to be rigid in enforcing the quarantine rules and thorough in disinfecting.  The progress of epidemics is too often due to incomplete disinfection.  In many instances, the paper on the walls of rooms where patients have been confined should be torn off and the walls washed with the proper solution.  A plan of disinfecting that is commonly followed, is to fumigate with sulphur. The State Board does not think that sulphur fumigates. The Board is also urging that dead victims be given private funerals and defines what a private funeral is.  It is not one held at the residence where the public can attend, but one attended only by those absolutely required to be there.  It is thought that the cooler weather will aid in suppressing the two afflictions.  

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