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Note: If fire could be humorous, here ya' go

Source: Crawfordsville Star 1 Feb 1877 p 1
At a fire which occurred in this city not many days since some funny incidents happened.  One party bent on a work of love rushed into the smoke and flames and brought forth – a jar of buttermilk; another made a heroic dash of the same kind and after throwing a table-cloth full of dishes out of a window came forth a singed hero, erect and smiling, a coffee-pot in one hand and a “skillet” in the other. Such cool-headed heroism surely shall not go unrewarded!

-- A --
ALLEN, Asa -- Source: Indianapolis News 13 Oct 1900 p6
Crawfordsville, Ind Oct 13 – Two fatal accidents in Montgomery County this week resulted from the use of the coal oil can in kindling fires. Mrs. Douglas Stewart, near Ladoga had a can explode in her hand while pouring oil on a slow fire, and was terribly burned, dying in eight hours. The following day, Asa Allen of Linden met death in exactly the same manner.
Source: New Richmond Record 18 Oct 1900 p 1
On last Wednesday morning Asa Allen of Linden was lighting the fire with coal oil and the can exploded.  He was covered with flame and ran out of doors, rolling in the wet grass to extinguish the flames. He succeeded in doing this but was so severely burned that he died that night.

ALARMS, Fire - 1907 (hope that is the right date)

ALARMS, Fire - 1919 - from First National Bank book

-- B --

BANTA, George - 1936  

BEARD, Tom - 1894  

BENNETT, Cyrus - farm - 1894

BOYLAND, Jeptha -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 24 Oct 1874 - p8
Fire – a fire at the house of Jeptha Boyland in the southwest part of town, last Monday shortly before noon destroyed bedding, carpets and furniture to the amount of about $60. It caught from a heated thimble in a flue.  No damage of consequence was done to the house.

BRITTON Millinery Store - The Columbia - 1896

-- C --

CASEY, Tim - Source: Crawfordsville Review 2 Feb 1895 p 1
On Thursday morning between the hours of 4 and 5 o’clock, fire was discovered in the home of Timothy Casey near the Lee Tile factory and the family was rudely awakened to flee with their lives only. Having no means of defense against fire, the large and elegant residence was soon laid in ashes. How the fire originated is unknown. There was a small insurance on the place but it will not cover the loss.  

CENTRAL SCHOOL - 1892 (wow, never knew this one)

Charles, St. - Academy -- see Indiana Printing

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 2 January 1873
The City Council met in regular session last Monday evening. The Mayor and the Councilmen were all present. The Committee on Fire Department reported that the Chief Engineer with the consent of the Committee had employed George Porter to take care of the fire engines and hose at the rate of $100 per annum from December 25, 1873.

-- D --

DINEEN, Mary - St. Bernard's narrow escape saved by Sister

DORSEY, Chief - 1892  

DURHAM, Benjamin - new home

Fitchey, George - fatally hurt? -- Source: Indianapolis Journal 13 July 1899 (Thursday) p 3
The barn of Dr. E Detchon at Crawfordsville was partly destroyed by fire on Tuesday night and George Fitchey, a fireman, received probably fatal injuries by the roof falling in on him.

Franklin Township School #3   January 23, 1894

Source: August 3, 1901 Daily News-Review p 1
The Hudnut Hominy Mills, the old ones, were destroyed by fire Friday afternoon. Within 200’ of them is located the new Diamond Match plant and it required considerable work to save the match factory.

-- I --

INDIANA PRINTING - Feb. 1952 -- see pic below - thanks to Scott Mason

Indiana Printing - Feb 1952 -- picture from FB (Jeff McKinney? Mike Long?)

Indiana Printing & St. Charles Academy (thanks Jeff Mc) - an absolutely amazing shot

-- J --

JARVIS, Samuel N. - 1929 - faulty flu

JOHNSON, Polly -- 1889 -- Source: Crawfordsville Review 27 July 1889 p 6
The fire department was called out Monday morning to do up a fire at Mrs. Polly Johnson’s on Water Street. The fire saw the department coming and wen tout after three ineffective strikes.  

JONES, B.E. - 1886 - new hotel after fire

JONES, Robert - 1864 - home burned

-- K --

Source: Waveland Independent August 22, 1919
The Kirkpatrick elevator burned on Saturday night. The elevator was built at a cost of $20,000 to replace one burned about a year ago. There was $60,000 worth of grain in it.

-- L --

LAMPSON -- (Lamson) - 1896

LAWTON, John - 1914 - burned in barn fire

LEE, David's stable -- Source: Crawfordsville Star Aug 18, 1881 p 1
The stable on David Lee’s premises caught on fire on Monday night from the sparks of a cigar but the flames were put out a few seconds before the engines arrived.  

LUDDINGTON - almost got gma' :(

-- M --

McClure, JA - 1903
Source: Crawfordsville (Indiana) Star newspaper, Dec 26, 1903 p 2
Friday evening the fire department was called to the home of Mrs. JA McClure, 107 S. Walnut Street but it was only a flue burning out. No damage resulted. - Kim H

McIntire, Alice - 1903
Source: Crawfordsville, Indiana Sunday Star newspaper, Nov 21, 1903
The barn on the farm of IA Detchon, upon which lived Mrs. Alice McIntyre, north of the city, was struck by lightning last Monday morning and burned. Seven horses, 2 mules, wheat oats, hay, corn, wagons, three buggies and farming implements were burned The barn was insured for $800 and contest $850. But this does not cover half the loss.

McMillin - 1914
Source: New Richmond Record, 8 Oct 1914 -
An alarm of fire late Monday afternoon brought our populace upon the street. The scare was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. McMillin. Mrs. McMillin was lighting the gasoline stove when some gasoline from a leak took fire and the flames assumed an alarming condition and an alarm was sent in. Mrs. McMillin was equal to the occasion and carried the flaming gasoline stove into the yard. Quite miraculously she was not burned and no damage resulted from the flames and the fire scare was over before the fire fighters arrived.
-- O --

Orphan Home - Lyle & Reynolds - fun comment on so many watching in 1893

-- P --

PARIS, S.G. - 1907 - daughter lights fire to look for coat

PAUL, George W
Source: Crawfordsville Review 8 May 1897 p 8
The loss by fire upon the residence of Geo. W. Paul has been adjusted. The sum of $482.08 paid for the loss.

PERRY, John - 1902 - barn etc.

PLUM Street station house fire
Source: Crawfordsville Sunday Star 4 November 1901
A blaze in one corner of the Plum Street Station slight damaged the classic pile on Monday evening. - kbz

Poor House -- Source: Weekly Argus News 23 Jan 1892 p 2
Deputy Marshal Brothers took Robt. Openchain (sic Obenchain) an insane man to the county house last night on an order from Trustee Hartman. The unfortunate man was locked up in one of the cells and during the night he tore up his bedding and set it on fire and would have been burned up himself but for the timely arrival of an attendant. Obenchain has been in the asylum once before. He will be returned as soon as the necessary preliminaries are arranged.

-- Q --

Quick - barn fire 1879

-- R --

ROSEBRO, K.T. - 1892 - home burns

-- S --

SMITH, C.D.  - 1928 - barn burns

SNYDER, Fannie - enveloped in flames  

STAR SHOE STORE - 1900 - Metz Proprietor

St. Charles Academy - see also Indiana Printing    

STEWART, Mary - Source: Indianapolis News 13 Oct 1900 p6
Crawfordsville, Ind Oct 13 – Two fatal accidents in Montgomery County this week resulted from the use of the coal oil can in kindling fires. Mrs. Douglas Stewart, near Ladoga had a can explode in her hand while pouring oil on a slow fire, and was terribly burned, dying in eight hours. The following day, Asa Allen of Linden met death in exactly the same manner.

-- T --

-- U --

-- V --

-- W --

Wabash Baseball park fire - 1901
Source: August 3, 1901 Daily News-Review p 1
Dry grass along the Big Four right of way in the college campus caught fire yesterday and quickly communicated with the ball park fence. The news was telephone in and the base ball boys organized themselves into a department and hustled out to fight the fire. Before they got it under control about 50’ of fence had been sacrificed. Most of the grass in the outfield was burned also.

WALTERS, Susan - home burns
Source: Crawfordsville (Indiana) Star newspaper, Dec 19, 1903 p6
On last Monday morning about 3 o’clock the house of Mrs. Susan Walters was burned to the ground. She lived on the Waynetown Road, and the first started in the pantry. But few things were saved. The loss will be near $2500 with $1100 insurance. She will rebuild. – transcribed by kbz

Source: Weekly Review Jan 3, 1907 p 3
The wearing off of the insulation of one of the electric light wires in front of Warner & Peck's store caused a slight blaze about six o'clock last evening, on account of which the fire department was called out. The firest was extinguished without the use of the department. The electric light wire had been put up temporarilty to light the Christmas decorations that were in front of the store during the holiday trade.

Washburn (Dr) _ new home burns

Source: Crawfordsville Star 5-29-1879 p 1
Dr. Washburn of New Richmond has for some time been threatening to insure his elegant property at that village. One night last week the fire fiend swooped down upon him and naught but ashes is left of his pleasant home. Delays are dangerous.  

Water Plant - 1918
Source: Crawfordsville Review Sept 17, 1918 p 5
A coal shed at the water plant caught fire yesterday evening as a result of spontaneous combustion and the east end fire department was called to extinguish flames. The damages were slight, part of the roof of the shed being destroyed by the blaze.

WAYNETOWN (various)

WEIR - Fire -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 Nov 1900 p 2
The other night the house of Will Weir, near the Jim Davis Bridge in Balhinch, was borned to the ground. The family barely escaped in their night clothes. The cause of the fire was not learned.

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