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Dineen, Mary - St. Bernard's

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 3 April 1896 p 1

Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock occurred an accident in St. Bernard’s Catholic Church which narrowly escaped ending in the tragic death of Miss Mary Dineen, a popular young lady and daughter of John Dineen.  Miss Dineen with several other young ladies and the Sisters of St. Charles Academy was engaged in decorating the altar for the Easter services. Among the decorations were numerous candles and these were lighted. As Miss Dineen worked a draft from a side door blew the flames of a candle against her puff sleeves. The light good immediately ignited and blazed up. With a cry of terror the young lady started for the door just south of the altar intent on running into the yard. Just as she gained the door, however, she was seized by Sister George who realized her danger and knew that if the young lady was not stopped that her death was certain.  The now distracted girl struggled for her freedom but was held by the plucky sister who succeeded in throwing her heavy cloak over the burning garments and so smothering the flames. She with her bare hands prevented the blaze from reaching Miss Dineen’s face and hair, although she suffered some fearful burns herself. The whole thing was over so quickly that those present hardly realized what had happened. Miss Dineen, whose arm and shoulder was terribly burned was taken to her home suffering terribly and Dr. Ensminger hastily summoned.  She is now out of danger although her pain is still great and distressing.  

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