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Baldwin Ladies Quartet

Source: Indianapolis News 15 June 1896 p 4
Crawfordsville, June 15 – The commencement of Wabash College began yesterday and the attendance of alumni and visitors is as large as usual, despite the fact it was supposed the St. Louis convention would cause a falling-off.  The Center Presbyterian church was crowded to its utmost capacity yesterday morning for the baccalaureate services and at 10:45 the senior class in caps and gowns, filed in and took the section reserved for them. Especially fine music was rendered by the choir and the Ladies’ Baldwin Quartet. Upon the platform sat Dr. HS Hayden, LLD; Dr. EB Hanson; Dr. JF Tuttle, ex pres; the Rev. AR Alexander, pastor of the church and President Burroughs, who preached the baccalaureate sermon. In the evening Dr. HS Haydn, DD LL D of Cleveland, O, delivered the commencement sermon to an immense congregation. Dr. Haydn is the leader of the liberal wing of the Presbyterian Church and is, therefore, especially popular in Crawfordsville.  The Baldwin Oratorical Contest occurs this evening in Center Church and tomorrow the board of trustees will meet, the class day exercises occur and the sophomore oratorical and freshmen declamation contests will take place. Tomorrow evening the Rev. GL McIntosh of Indianapolis will deliver the alumni address at the alumni banquet. It is not likely the board meeting will result in any startling developments or changes and next year’s faculty will probably be materially the same as this year’s. It is understood, however, that Prof. Henry S. Kritz, so long principal of the preparatory department, will retire. Who his successor will be is not yet stated or even known.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 20 Nov 1896 p 14
The Baldwin ladies’ Quartette was organized some two years ago at Crawfordsville and has enjoyed a most flattering career. Originally, the organization was not intended for concert work outside of Crawfordsville but so many calls were mad the quartette now has an established reputation for high merit through central and western Indiana. Their entertainments have been uniformly successful and they have everywhere been commended for their really superior work.  The q. excels in ensemble work, which is marked by its clearness, power and sympathy. Mrs. Walter Hulett, first soprano is possessed of a voice of great range and sweetness and of especial purity in the upper register. Mrs. Benjamin Crane, second soprano is one of the most successful of Miss Anna Farquar’s pupils. She has a splendid voice and the mezzo quality of good range and power. Mrs. Clarence Stevens, first alto has a voice of very considerable compass and great sweetness, it appearing to best advantage, perhaps in the ensemble work. Miss Edna Dice, contralto, studied in Boston and in the Chicago Conservatory of Music, at the latter place being the pupil of the renowned Signor Carpi. Her voice is one of remarkable power and compass, with wonderful richness and purity of tone.  Miss May Kline, first soprano, received her musical education under the best instructors of Boston. Her voice is one of rare sweetness, power and compass. Miss Mary Wilhite, the reader of the company, a student of the Boston School of Oratory is acknowledged one of the most able elocutionists in the state. She has great individuality and range in her work and easily leads in her profession.  Her voice is especially adapted to the delivery of humorous selections. Miss May Watson, accompanist is a performer of great ability. She has been a pupil of some of the best instructors of this country and spent two years in the Berlin Conservatory.

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