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1894 City Election

1894 City Election

Source: Weekly Argus News, Jan 7, 1894 -- In this week's New Richmond Enterprise Editor Osborne has the following good words for several gentlement of this city, all of whom are worthy of the offices which they aspire to fill: "We are creditably informed that the recorder's office will furnish a candidate for auditor, before the republican nominating convention in the person of the present efficient deputy, WH Webster. Should this be the case, other candidates will have to keep both eyes on their fences.

(Mr. Webster will be a candidate for recorder in two years and is not after the office of Auditor - Ed)

Finley Pogue Mount, a young law student and nephew of James A. Mount, will be a candidate for prosecutor before the republican convention. Mr. Mount being a lineal descendant of a long line of orators and gifted with phenomenal oratorical powers, even while a mere lad, which he carefully cultivated while in college and which has lost nothing in his long and close association with the ex-prosecutor, AB Anderson, has brought him to the conclusion that he has absorbed enough of A.B.'s astuteness to entitle him to the honors of being the republican nominee for prosecutor.

Dumont Kennedy aspires to the prosecutors chair and believes that he has claims that should be heeded since he is the son of the farmer-lawyer Peter S. Kennedy, a granger-republican, and that he has been around his father's office long enough to absorb legal talent sufficient to railroad any case through where the culprit plead guilty and stuck to it. But these two republic aspirants are not alone in the race since Harvey WIlkinson has been a candidate many years and neverallows defeat to dampen his ardor once is no cause why he should desist.

M.E. Clodfelter, a life long democrat, a lawyer who stands at the head of the bar, having risen to eminence by superhuman exertions, starting as a country school teacher and raising step by step to the top most round of the professional ladder in his chosen occupation, seeks the nomination for prosecutor at the hands of the democracy.

Reed Hanna, a talented young lawyer and son of Hon. Bayless Hanna, Minister to the Argentine Republic under Cleveland's first administration, seeks the nomination and thinks he should have it because of his father's prestige and his own popularity with the Irish people.

Henry D. Vancleave is another aspirant who sets up his claims because of his profound knowledge of the crinimal law and his years of practice in "Squire Jones' court at Linden.

These parties will undoubtedly be candidates before their respective party conventions and with those to come yet which have not been heard from the voters of Montgomery County ought to be able to select a prosecutor that would serve with honor to himself and the people." -- transcribed by kbz

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