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*Early Divorces

The Early Divorces above are an index to the court divorces.

-- See below for those found in newspapers - work in progress :)


ADAMS, Hub vs. Maud Adams
ALEXANDER, Hiram vs. Dora Alexander
ALLEN, Hattie (Corey) vs. Stephen Allen


BARNHART, Charles vs. Martha
BAYLES, Elizabeth vs. Alexander Bayles
BAYLESS, George vs. Rachel
BEESON, Hubert S. vs. Thelma (Armstrong)
BENNETT, Jacob C. from Jennie Bennett
BENSON, Leora vs. Firman DAVIS
BIDDLE, Mary Elizabeth -Philip
BOOKER, John & wife
BOOTS, Susan - vs Sam
BRIDGES, Julia vs. John
BRITTON, Frank & wife

BROCIES -- Source: Crawfordsville Review Sept 6, 1907 Strong drink, as usual, is given as the cause for another suit for divorce that was filed this morning in the circuit court. This complaint is brought by Eva M. Brocies, who wants a divorce from her husband William F. Brocies on the grounds that he is an alleged habitual drunkard. They were married in February 1886 and she lived with him until April of this year. She has 5 children, the oldest aged 20. She wants the care and custody of these children in addition to the divorce. Thomas & Foley represent her.
BROWN, Hattie - George
BROWN, Jerusha - James
BROWN, Nina from Charles H. Brown
BROWN, Odessa (Wray) - Garland Brown
BROWNING, Rachel ( Kennedy) vs. John R. Browning
BRYANT, Margaret vs. Abijah
BURLINGHAM, Yulah vs. Roger
BURN, Julie vs. Clarence
BURNSIDE, Nancy vs. George HOMAN
BURROWS, S.S. vs. Martha A.
BUTCHER, Laura vs. Chester
BUTCHER, Morton vs. Carrie


CANINE, Ethel - William
CARLILE, Fannie vs. David
CASAD, America vs. Walter
CASTER, Mary Maud vs. Fred
CHRISTMAN, Gertrude vs, Harvey

CLARK, Matilda vs. James -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review 4 Feb 1871 (notice this one seems to have already happened) Matilda Clark vs. James H. Clark – Montgomery Circuit Court, March term 1870, Matilda A. Clark vs. James H. Divorce. Be it remembered that on the 29th day of December AD in 1870, in vacation of the Circuit Court of the County aforesaid, Matilda A. Clark by Thomson and Ristine, her attorneys, filed in the Clerk’s office of said Court, her complaint in writing as a cause of action in his behalf; also the affidavit of a disinterested person, setting for that the said defendant, James H. Clark, is a non-resident of the State of Indiana. Now, therefore, the said defendant, James H. Clark, will hereby take notice of the filing and dependency of this action, and that he be and appear on the second day of the March term AD 1871 of said Court then and there to answer said complaint. Said Court beginning on the second Monday of said month of March AD 1871, the same being the 13th day of said month. Witness my hand and seal of said Court this 29th day of December AD 1870 – WK Wallace, Clerk
CLOUSER, Martin vs. Viola
COLEMAN, William vs. Cordelia - damage suit

COLLINS, Ida - Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday May 19, 1903 Mrs. Ida M. Collins through her attorney, CW Burton, has filed a suit for divorce from her husband, Daniel Collins. The charges are nonsupport and abandonment. She asks for the custody of their two young children, but would like an order requiring the defendant to provide for their support and education. She asks for temporary alimony, also and requests that her maiden name, Ida M. Toney be restored.- kbz
COLTRAIN, Claude R. from Leona A.
COLTRAIN, Leona A. Ferguson from Claude R. Coltrain
CONDON, Sarah vs. Ben
CONKRIGHT, Myrtle vs. John
CONN, Zella from Albert

COOMBS, Minnie - Samuel - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review Friday Sept 27, 1907 -- Through her attorneys Jones & Murphy, Mrs. Minnie B. Coombs this morning filed a suit for divorce from her husband Samuel N. Coombs. In her complain she says they were married in August 1888 and separated on the 20th of August this year. She charges he is in the habit of becoming intoxidcated; that he fails to provie for her; that he struck her, called her vile names and treated her cruelly and inhumanly. She has 6 children. She wants the custody of them, $200 alimony and $150 per anum for their support.
COPE, Dora vs. George
CORNWALL, Pearl vs. Miles
COURTNEY, Rebecca Fruits Stivers vs. Thomas Courtney
COX, Rosa vs. Wallace
CROWE, Ben vs. Cora etc.
CUSHING, Emma Taggert vs. Wallace H. Cushing


DARTER ,John vs. Edith
DAVIS, Amanda vs. John
DAVIS, Leora (Benson) vs. Firman A. Davis
DEAN, Omer - Grace

DELANEY -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 1 Dec 1890 p3 The sensational divorce from Darlington of Rachel Delaney against James Delaney, came up in the circuit court Saturday evening and on motion of the plaintiff was dismissed at her cost.

DICKERSON, Emily vs - Arthur -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 25 May 1892 p 2 Mrs. Emily C. Dickerson has filed a suit for divorce in the circuit court against Arthur H. Dickerson, charging him with abandonment. Mrs. Dickerson is now living with her mother, Mrs. Pruett on East College Street and Dickerson is residing in Terre Haute - kbz

DODSON - Source: Crawfordsville Star 30 September 1880 George Dodson granted his wife a divorce and retained possession of the property that the court gave her. She entered a replevin suit before Justice Cumberland but George was too sharp for her, and saddling the family nag he skipped the country with all the portable property, leaving his wife with nothing with which to pay the costs of the different suits. It is to be hoped that that horse has thrown Dodson and broken his neck ere this time. He was a resident of Crawfordsville.
DOHERTY, Matt vs. Laura
DOOLEY, Carrie vs. William
DOOLEY, William vs. Mary
DOTSON, Nettie vs. Alva
DUNBAR, Chauncy- Nancy
DUNBAR, Morton - Elizabeth
DUNCAN, Mary L - Rev DB
DYSON, Clara - Peter


ELKINS, William vs. wife
ELMORE, Joseph vs. Lewellen

ELROD -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 28 Dec 1894 The divorce suit of Effie Elrod against George Washington Elrod of Ladoga came up in the circuit court Saturday. The plaintiff had a sensational complaint and the defendant a hair raising cross complaint. The plaintiff hammered away all the morning and proved that the vicious and depraved G. Washington had occasionally guyed her. I the afternoon at the convention of court it became known that the defendant couple prove nothing more heinous against the plaintiff than a too liberal use of soda in the manufacture of biscuit, so the senseless suit was knocked out of court by Judge Harney at the defendant’s cost. The parties interested would do well to kiss and make up for a Christmas gift. – kbz
EMMERT, Rholla - Mayme
ENGLE, Margaret
ERMANTROUT, Joseph - Viola
EVANS, Narcissa vs. Jonas W.


FARMER, Ella vs. George Washington
FERGUSON, Leona A. Ferguson Coltrain from Claude R. Coltrain
FISHER, Ira & Edna
FLANNIGAN, Annie vs. August
FOREMAN, Alice vs. John
FOWLER, Russell vs. Maude
FRAME, William F. vs. Mary H. Doyle Frame
FRANCIS, Fred - Iva
FRAZIER, Emma - Austin -- Source: Waynetown Hornet Dec 26, 1887 - in overview of year - June 20 - Emma Frazier was granted a divorce from Austin Frazier.


GALEY -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 10 Dec 1892 p 3 Mrs. Minnie Galey, the wife of Sant Galey, obtained a divorce from him this week at Michigan City. Failure to provide was the chief allegation made in her complaint

GERBRICK, Rachael vs. Mike

GILLIS, Effie vs. Lonnie

GLOVER, Lewis vs. Carrie Glover

GRAY, George vs. Lily

GRAY, Mary vs. Gilbert

GRIDER, Birdie - Charles

GRIEST, Maggie from Wm.

GRIFFITH, James B. vs. Camille

GRIMES, Charles - Ella (Blacketer)

GRIMES, Grace (McCormick) vs. Lawrence Grimes

GRIMES, May vs. John


HACKATHORN, Elizabeth from Herbert

HARP, Thomas vs. Martha

HARRIMAN, Homer vs Bertha

HARTMAN, Harriet vs. Robert

HAYS, Lena vs. Willie

HENNESSEY, Berda -Charles

HENRY, Bruce - Nancy

HOFFA, Viola vs. Otis

HOMAN, George vs. Nancy (Burnside)

HOOVER, Sadie - vs. Frank

HORN (held over Feb 1891)

HOUSER, Louise vs George -- Source: Crawfordsville Review 6 April 1911 p 2 Mrs. Louisa Houser has filed suits in the circuit court for a divorce from her husband George Houser, a well known farmer living four miles north of here in Richland Township. They were married Oct 12, 1905, and separated March 26, 1911, she being his second wife. She charges in her complain cruelty and asks for $15 alimony, also that her maiden name be restored.

HUMBERT, Drucilla - Joseph

HUNTER, Lucinda wants from Albert

HUTTON, Annie T. from John C. Hutton


IRWIN, Mary vs. Samuel

IRWIN, Samuel vs. Mary

IRWIN - Crawfordsville Review,Crawfordsville, 18 April 1891--Sarah J. Irwin has been granted a divorce form her husband John S. Irwin.



JACKSON, Sylvia vs. Charles


JENNINGS, Alonzo vs. Julia (Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Argus News Aug 7, `1897 p 4 Alonzo Jennings has petitioned the court for a divorce from his wife, Julia Jennings. He alleges that she abandoned him back in 1892.

JOHNSON, Susie vs. John

JONES, Amanda vs. Dick

JONES, Oliver vs. Mary J. Johnson Jones

JONES, Walter vs. Jennie


KEESEE, Lulu vs. Frank
KEYS, Lucille vs. Ward

KINCAID, Frank vs Eva Eshelman (married 12-9-1883 Bk 10 p 342)
KINCAID, Frank - Julia


LARRICK, Calista vs. Issaac
LARSH, Augusta vs. Carl
LINN, Asbury - contests
LOGAN, Anna - Charles
LONG, James - Lydia
LOWERY, Mattie vs. Michael
LUCAS, Jessie vs. Hamilton
LYDICK, Harriet vs. Andrew


M'CASLAND, Andrew vs. Ruth M'Casland
McCLURE, Charley - Maude YORK
McCLURE, Edna Gobel vs. James E.
McCLURE, Katie vs. Ralph

McCORMICK, Dora - George -- Source: Crawfordsville Star Oct 15, 1885 p2 "Ladoga News Items" - Dora McClintock this week obtained her long sought divorce from George and now two hearts don't beat as one."
McCORMICK, Maulsie from Howard

McCOY, Charles vs. Lizzie
McDANIEL, Frederick vs. Nellie M
McDANIEL, Wm. vs. Adaline
McKINSEY, Elizabeth vs George (1834)
McKINSEY, Joseph vs. Mary (plus children taken away)
McLAIN, Myrtle vs. Charles


MARSHALL, Oda (Otis) vs Elizabeth May (Cook)
MARTIN, Luly vs. Marion
MASON, Fred vs Emma
MAXWELL, Ida vs. James
MAXWELL, Mary vs. Scott
MILES, Mildred vs. Robert
MILLER, Mamie vs. Thomas
MILLER, Philip vs. Lovina
MITCHELL, Mary Alice vs. Charles G.
MOODY, Glenna vs. Oscar N.
MORGAN, Florence vs. James
MORRISON, Taylor vs Effie
MOTE, Etta vs Ambrose
MYERS, Nannie vs. Jim


NEAL, Grace vs. Grover
NEWHARD, Nancy vs. Frederick (1834)
NEWLIN, Clara vs. William
NEWLIN, Ruth vs. Zeth
NIXON, Harry
NIXON, Rosie vs. Harry


OLIVER, Cordelia vs. William

OSWALT, Lillie vs. Charles (sort of)


PALMER -- Source: Sunday Star, Crawfordsville, July 31, 1899 Mrs. Salina Palmer, of Ripley township, says her husband has been missing and no tidings received for two years, so she wants a divorce from him. - thanks to Kim H

PATTON, Sarah from James W. Patton

PATTON, Dr. P.E. and Julia Patton

PETRO, Sarah vs. Sam

PICKETT, Howard vs. Hazel

PINE, Emma vs. David

PITTINGER, Elizabeth vs. Frank -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 11 Sept 1890 p 3 -- Mrs. Elizabeth Pittinger has obtained a divorce from her husband, Frank Pittinger. The court instructed her to collect the costs of the suit from the defendant. - kbz

PLATT, Rosa vs. Thomas



REAMER, Anna D.vs. James C. Reamer

REPROGLE, Pearl vs. W.A.

RICE, Wm. vs. Mary Rice

RIDDLE, Kerilla vs. Jacob S. - 1834

ROUTAN, Bessie vs. Franklin Chase - desertion


SAYERS, Carrie vs. William Q Sayers

SCAGGS, Leo - Leona

SCHWEITZER, Theresa vs. Christian

SCOTT, Malachi vs. wife

SERING, Perry vs. Olive

SEYBOLD, Olen Blanche Wheeler vs. Frank Seybold

SHEPHERD, Sarah Jane vs. Newton – Montgomery Circuit Court, March Term 1871 – Be it remembered that on the 2nd day of February, AD 1871, it being in the vacation of the said Circuit Court, the plaintiff by Cowan & Patterson, her attorneys produced and filed in the Clerk’s Office of said court, her complaint, as cause of action in this behalf, and also the affidavit of a disinterested person setting forth that the defendant Newton Shepherd, is a non-resident of the state of Indiana. Now, therefore, notice of the filing and pendency of this action is hereby given to the defendant that he may appear on the second day of the next tern of said Court commencing at the Court House in Crawfordsville on the 13th day of March AD 1871, then and there to answer said complaint. Witness my hand and seal of said Court the 2nd day of February 1871. WK Wallace, Clerk

SHRADER, Andrew vs. Delia

SHOTTS, Frank - Alice

SIDDONS, Charles - Maggie

SILLS, Patricia vs. Raymond

SKAGGS Divorce-- Set Aside

SMITH, Emily J. vs. William H.

SMITH, Frank vs. Katie

SMITH, Sarah vs. Winfield

STAGGS, George vs. Georgia

STARKE, Lyda vs. Bill

STEADMAN, Nathan - 3-way affair

STEPHENS, Clyde vs. Opal

STILWELL, Ethel vs. Andrew


STOUT, Ella - Harry

STOUT, Frank

STOUT, James vs. Nettie


TAPP, James vs. Josephine

TAYLOR, Emma vs. James

TAYLOR, Leroy from Opal

THEBUS, Francis vs. George W

THOMAS, Nancy vs. William

THOMAS, Rose - Frank

THROCKMORTON, Charles - Katharine

TOMLINSON, ELizabeth - Henry

TONEY, Charles

TRACY -- Source: Crawfordsville Record 23 July 1835 State of Indiana, Montgomery County – Michael Tracy vs. Judith Tracy – Petition for divorce Be it remembered, that on this 22d day of July 1835, the complainant by Naylor his attorney, filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court of said county, his petition for divorce, charging said defendant with adultery, abandonment & c. and said complainant, by his said attorney, also filed in the office of the clerk aforesaid the affidavit of Zachariah Ellis, setting forth that said defendant is not a resident of Indiana. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that unless said defendant be and appear at the next September term of said court, and plead, answer, or demure to the same, on or before the calling of the cause, the matters and things contained therein will be taken as confessed. .. John Wilson, clerk Crawfordsville July 22d, 1835



VAIL, Noah vs. Mariah
VanCLEAVE, Mable vs. John Lambert
VAUGHN, Belle vs. John


WAITE, Hiram vs Anna

WALTON - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 19 March 18 97 p 4 Malissa J. Walton vs. Wm. H. Walton. Divorce. Defendant enjoined from disposing of any of his property until after the settlement of this cause. This restraining order will be heard by the court on April 6.
WALTON, Nettie vs. Thomas
WARREN, Mary Lebo vs. Harry M.
WASSON, Clara - William
WATTS, Minnie vs. Foster
WEBSTER, Helen vs. Roy Webster
WILHELM, Eva Pearl vs. Albert
WILHITE, Susan vs. Wm
WILLIAMS, Esther vs. Ed
WILSON, John - Mary
WOLF, Nellie vs. Thomas
WOODARD, Grace Farlow vs. Omer Woodard
WRIGHTSMAN, Sarah vs. Ashley


YORK, Maude - Charley McCLURE



ZELLAR - Source: CWJ 2 June 1899 p 12 Lizzie Zellar has entered suit against Mike Zellar for divorce. She alleges that he is in the habit of getting drunk and that while intoxicated he has frequently mistreated her in a shameful manner.

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