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Wood - Will

Source: Waveland Independent
Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana
March 31, 1899

Robert Wood and his son, Will, of Crawfordsville have been   working on the John Wilson farm, one and a half miles E. of town   for some time, getting out timber for the Roachdale handle   factory. Young Wood is about 20 years of age, and his father says   he has always been cursed with an ungovernable temper. Yesterday   morning the two had a quarrel, out in the woods, and the young   man used such language toward his father that the latter threatened to discharge him. At that the boy threw down his axe   and said he would quit right then. He picked up his coat and put   it on, then drew 32-calibre revolver from his pocket, placed it   at his left breast and fired. After the shooting he walked about   30 rods to a rail fence, against which he leaned until his father   came to him, and with Mr. Wilson's help took him to the latter's   house. Dr. Ball was summoned and found that the ball had entered   between the third and fourth ribs, immediately over the heart and   ranging downward came out under the left shoulder blade and that   there was severe internal hemorrhage. He pronounced the wound   fatal. The young fellow was still furious, and said he was not   sorry for what he had done.  - transcribed by kbz
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