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Wolfe - Aaron J

Source: Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke &   Fountain Counties, Indiana.  Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893, p   215

Aaron J. WOLFE was born in Armiesburg, Parke County, Indiana   in 1854 and there resided until 1856. He received a liberal   education in the common schools and in the Academy in Waveland.   His father, Henry Wolfe was a native of PA, in which state he   married afterward moving to Indiana.  Soon after locating here   the wife died, leaving a family of 7 children to miss her   watchful care and gentle love.  The mother of our subject was   Miss Sarah F. Johnson a lady of most estimable character.  After   the father came to Indiana he followed the business of contractor   and bridge builder until 1860, at which time he purchased land   and commenced the life of a farmer.  Aaron Wolfe dates his   residence in this his county back to 1859. After attaining to   years which necessitated his learning something of the practical   side of life, he took a position as clerk in a store, where he   remained until 1881. When 27 he concluded to start in business   for himself and with that end in view purchased a sawmill in   Waveland. His first venture was a crowning success, and now his   mill produces from 2 to 3 million feet of lumber per year.  In   the year 1873, he was unite din marriage to Mrs. Martha M. KELSO   a daughter of David M. HUMPHREY.  This lady was native of   Montgomery County and is held in high esteem by all who have the   pleasure of her acquaintance.  To Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe have been   born 7 children, 4 of whom died in infancy. The three living:   Bessie, Pina and Blanche all interesting and intelligent. Mr. and   Mrs. Wolfe have also reared and educated Fannie B. Hastings, a   niece of Mr. Wolfe.  A stepson, Reese D. Kelso, is a graduate of   Rush Medical College, Chicago.  He is a practicing physician of   Waveland and is getting a good share of the practice of the   village and surrounding country.  Politically, Mr. Wolfe stands   by the grand old Democratic party and is a firm believer in the   success of its leaders.  he has been identified with the worthy   interests of this town for many years and is looked on as a model   citizen in every respect.  His career in municipal politics is a   strong illustration of the office seeking the man and for 3 years   he has held the position of Village Clerk in which capacity he   has served with honor to himself and satisfaction to his   constituents.  He has also served as Trustee on the Village   School Board and in 1890 was elected Township Trustee which   office he was asked to fill for four years.  Mr. Wolfe is   distinguished for the attributes characteristic of a good citizen   and his career has been marked from early years by the exhibition   of loyalty and patriotism. He has a high personal standing in the   town of Waveland as he is liberal in his ideas and opinions,   granting to those who differ from him the same rights of   expression which he personally demands. Both he and his wife are   prominent and active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church   and noted for the liberal discrimination with which they dispense   their aid to the needy. Socially, Mr. Wolfe is a Knight of   Pythias and at the same time enjoys an honorable membership in   the  Ancient Order of United Workmen.  He is mild and affable in   manner and a man who naturally draws around him hosts of friends   numbering among them the most prominent and cultured people in   the community. - transcribed by kbz
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