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Wilson -Cully

Source: Waveland Independent March 28, 1946

Wilson Brothers, Florists, of Raccoon which already have just  a fraction less than an acre under glass, and are nearing the  nation's biggest Geranium growers, are planning extensive  enlargements of their business. The present step has been the  purchase foe the Poynts Garage at Parkersburg which Mr. Cully  Wilson, the owner, says he will present to the public one of the  best service stations between Lafayette and Bloomington. then the  garage proper will for the present be used for storage and other  purposes now badly needed for his flower and plant service. This  is a far cry from the small beginning of a few square feet of a  house made of cross ties in the form of a hot bed not so many  years ago. To give a more comprehensive idea of the space to be  kept warm for growing plants of many kinds and varieties they ran  about 300 tons of coal through their stoker this last winter.  While the Wilson Brothers specialize in flowers and especially  geraniums, they also are ready to supply garden plants in season  to the retail trade. - transcribed by  kbz
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