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Williams - Charles N.

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana.  Indianapolis: AW  Bowen, 1913, p. 781

In placing the name of Charles N. WILLIAMS in the front rank  of business men who have at one time or antoher honored  Montgomery County with their residence, simple justice is done a  biographical fact, recognized by all who are familiar with his  history.  A man of rare soundness of judgment, wise discretion  and business ability of a high order, he has managed with tactful  success important enterprises, and is at this writing president  of the Farmers Trust Company of Indianapolis.  

What of the man and what of his work?  This is the dual query  which represents the interrogation at least nominally entertained  whenever that discriminating factor, the public, would pronounce  on the true worth of the individual.  The career of Mr. Williams  indicates the clear-cut and distinct character and in reviewing  the same from an unbiased and unprejudiced standpoint,  interpretation follows fact in a straight line of derivation.  In  this publication it is consistent that such a review be entered,  and that without the adulation of ornate phrases, for he has  stamped the mark of definite accomplishment on the highest plane  of industrial activity.  

Mr. Williams was born April 10, 1856 on a farm in Tippecanoe  County, Indiana and his famiy moved, when he was 2 to  Crawfordsville, Indiana where his father purchased the NW corner  of Wabash Ave and Grant Ave and there they lived until 1870.  He  is a son of Henry and Martha Barnum Haight Williams.  The father  was born July 4, 1818 in Maryland, his death occurred Feb  17,1904. The mother was born in Connecticut, June 14, 1816 and  her death occurred May 27, 1884. These parents grew to maturity  in the East, received good common school educations and were  married in Connecticut, when they came west and located in  Lafayette in 1858, they located in Crawfordsville, having engaged  in the mercantile business in Lafayette.  

The mother of our subject was twice married, first, to John F.  Caven by which union six children were born, only one of whom,  Eva Caven who has remained single is living; she resides in  Crawfordsville in the old home located at the NW corner of Walnut  & College streets.  After Mr. Caven's death she married the  father of our subject, and to this union two children were born:  Laura, wife of Benjamin F. Crabbs, of Crawfordsville and Charles  N, of this review.  

Charles N. Williams received a common school education and  later attended Wabash College.  On April 6, 1898, he married  Margaret Lawrence DOLL, who was born in New Albany, Indiana, a  daughter of James and Marinda Martin Doll.  She graduated from  the high school at Lafayette, Indiana, later attended Purdue  University, there, also an art insitutue in Chicago.  She is a  lady of culture, talent and refinement. The union of our subject  and wife has been without issue.
After Mr. Williams left college he went into the post office  at Crawfordsville as clerk, in which capacity he served 3 years  and later went into the real estate business.  He studied law,  but was not admitted to the bar, finally deciding upon a business  instead of a legal career.  In 1881, he assisted in the  organization of the Citizens National Bank, Crawfordsville and  did much to make it a success.  In 1888, he was appointed state  correspondent for the Provident Life Insurance company, of  Philadelphia.  It was his business to invest the money of that  compnay in farm and city properties in Indiana and Illinois, and  he has continued in a measure at least, to fill this position to  the present time or for a period of 25 years, his long retention  being sufficient evidence of the implicit trust reposed by the  company in his business ability and integrity, and during that  period he has done much to increase the prestige of the company  in these states.  In 1895, seeking a larger field for the  exercise of his talents, Mr. Williams removed to Indianapolis  where he has since resided.

Soon after arriving here he opened a private banking house  under the firm name of CN Williams & Company of which he was  sole owner & proprietor.  It was a success from the start and  continued with ever increasing popularity as a private bank until  1905, when he organized the Farmers Turst Company of  Indianapolis, with which he consolidated his private bank and  since that time, Mr. Williams has been president of the Farmers  Trust Co, and his able, conservative and judicious management has  made it a strong and rapidly growing concern, and it now ranks  among the leading and most popular institutions of its kind in  Indiana.  It is incorporated at $100,000.  Mr. Williams is also  state correspondent for the Prudential Life Insurance Co. and a  number of private investors of NY City.  He is president of the  Marion Title & Guarantee Co, and under his able management it  has been very successful from the start and its business now  covers a wide field.'

Fraternally, Mr. Williams is a member of the Masonic Order,  including all the subordinate lodges in Crawfordsville, inculding  the Blue Lodge, Knights Templar and Order of the Eastern Star.   He also belongs to the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the  Mystic Shrine; Murat Temple at Indianapolis.  He is prominent in  Masonic circles, having attained the 32nd degree.  Religiously,  he is a member of the First Uresbyterian Church of Indianapolis,  and is treasurer of the same. He belongs to the Columbia Club,  the University Club and Country Club, all of Indianapolis. He  holds membership with the Sons of the American Revolution.   Politically, he is a Republican.

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