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Whittington - Tyre Glen

Source: Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain counties, Indiana. Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893, pp 136-137

TYRE G. WHITTINGTON. In a county like this, where there are so  many men of excellent moral character, pronounced business  ability and social nature, it would be hard indeed to determine  who is most worthy. There are some, however, who are generally  conceded to occupy a front place in the ranks of usefulness and  influence. Such is the gentleman above named, who manifests great  interest in the intellectual development and spiritual upbuilding  of the community in which he lives, as well as in its material  prosperity, and who while managing his own affairs in so prudent  a manner as to take place among the solid men of the county, yet  finds time to serve his fellow-men in various ways.

 Tyre G. Whittington was born in Woodford County, Ky., in the year  1820, October 6. Soon after his birth his parents moved to Shelby  County, where he received a good common-school education. The  parents of our subject were both natives of Woodford County, Ky.,  where they were married, the father being the eldest member of a  family numbering fifteen children, all of whom reached years of  maturity. The grandparents of Tyre G. Whittington were natives of  Maryland, and were known as descendants of old English Colonial  families. Many of our readers remember the tradition of Dick  Whittington, Lord Mayor of London, and those versed in the  municipal history of that great British metropolis know that one  of the most famous Lord Mayors of that city was in verity a  famous Richard Whittington. To the honor of Montgomery County be  it known that a lineal descendant of this most honored British  official is numbered among its best citizens, and loved by all  for his gentle bearing and manly character.

When only thirteen years of age our subject was left an orphan  and was thus compelled to assume life's responsibilities for  himself. After leaving school he decided to learn the trade of  cabinetmaker, which business he followed for some years. In the  year 1842 Mr. Whittington was married to Miss Julia Beatty, a  lady in whom he found the elements of womanhood which aided him  toward success. On the 15th of December past, our subject and  wife celebrated their golden wedding, and received many valuable  presents from their many friends and relatives on that memorable  occasion.

 Coming to Montgomery County in the year 1850, Mr. Whittington  invested in farm lands. His first purchase was one hundred and  thirty-two acres, which comprise the farm on which he now  resides, all of which is in a state of good cultivation and  displays the thrift, energy and good management displayed by its  owner. Eight children were born to our subject, his eldest son  being William H., a prosperous farmer of this county; James L.,  of Indian Territory, and John T., who is engaged as a farmer in  Brown Township, this State, come next; Sarah F., wife of Benjamin  Easley, departed this life several years ago, leaving two  children to mourn the loss of a loving mother. Another member of  our subject's family is Reese D., of Indian Territory; after whom  come George W., a farmer, Lucy E. and Sherman G. In addition to  the one hundred and thirty-two acres already spoken of, Mr.  Whittington has added another one hundred and sixteen acres, and  is the proud possessor of one of the finest located farms in this  part of the State.

 In the early years of his manhood our subject was a member of the  old Whig political party, but has since developed into a stanch  Republican, always ready to uphold the principles of his party.  Socially, he is a member of the Moreland Order, A. F. & A.  M., of which body he was First Worshipful Master, which position  he held for seven years, and he only parted with the honor by  positively declining re-election. Poor health has prohibited him  from taking the active part formerly enjoyed in the work of his  order, but he has the satisfaction of remembering that while  serving in a public capacity as a Mason he at the same time  brought three of his own sons into the order, and himself helped  to initiate them into the secrets of the brotherhood. Mr.  Whittington and all his family are active members of the Baptist  Church of Freedom, to which body they give hearty and liberal  support. Quiet and unassuming in his manner, courteous to all who  come in contact with him, and known for his kindness and  generosity, our subject has a high personal standing in the  community where he has passed the active years of his life, and  let us hope that he will here rest from toil and care, surrounded  by love, friendship and esteem, for many years to come.


Whittington men are: Southy Thomas, Tyre Glenn, Joshua Littleton and behind them William M. (unknown middle name)
Source: 1823-1988 Family Histories of Montgomery Co IN  p 347

In April 1849, the subject rode horseback with his wife Julia Ann Beatty Whittington to Montgomery County, Indiana from Shelby County Ky.  He was born October 6, 1820 in Woodford County, Kentucky the 1st of 7 children of Littleton & Frances Glenn Whittington, both natives of Kentucky.   Two sisters, Lucy Ann and Elizabeth and a brother, James Henry died early in life. His oldest brother, William, whose wife was Rebecca J. Davis lived for a time near the old family farm in Brown Township, later moving to Crawfordsville.  Southy Thomas, his second brother, married Nancy Ellen Hutchison. Southy was first a carpenter and later a dentist at Waveland. The 3rd and youngest brother was Joshua Littleton who married Cynthia Elizabeth Alexander.

They lived in Cayuga, Ind. Littleton Whittington, his father, was the eldest of 15 children, all of whom reached years of maturity.  His grandparents were natives of Maryland and were known as descendants of old English Colonial families. Southy, Littleton and Glenn are family names carried down through many generations.

After receiving a good common school education he learned the trade of cabinetmaker. Much of his fine furniture still exists. On Dec 15, 1842 in Shelby County, Kentucky he married Julia Ann Beatty who was born October 18, 1811 the daughter of William and Sarah Crosby Beatty. Tyre & Julia's first two sons, William Hanna and James Littleton were carried by them on two horses as the family came to Indiana.  John Thomas, Sarah Frances, Reese Davis, George Washington, Lucy Ellen and Sherman Grant were b. on the family farm a few miles west of New Market in Brown Township

Mr. W. first purchased 132 acres of land where he lived and died a part of this land was given for the site of Old Dowden School where his grandchildren were students.
He later bought another 116 acres which he farmed.

In his early years our subj. was a member of the Old Whig party, but later was a staunch Republican.

He was first worshipful mater of the Moreland Order of Masons, a position he held 7 years, during which time he bought and initiated 3 of his sons into the brotherhood.
Mr. Whittington died Sept ember16, 1911
at the family home suriving his wife Julia Ann who died April 5, 1901. Burial. at Indian Hill Creek Cemetery, Brown Township.
He and his family were active members of the Freedom Bapt. Church.
Descendants and collateral families still live in Montgomery County.
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