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Wert - Henry

Crawfordsville Weekly Review, Oct 22, 1881

Henry Wert, of Fountain County, near Alamo, died yesterday, aged 76 years. The deceased was the father of M.V. Wert of this city and one of the Review's oldest subscribers. The funeral will take place Sunday 23rd, interment at the Grey Cemetery, North of Alamo.


Baptist in Ohio not sure in NJ

There were two Wert brothers who probably came to this country in their early 20s in about 1770-1775, I believe, as Wertchen, Christian and Henry. We are all descended from Henry, but Chris married into a family who has - obviously been interested in genealogy for centuries and is well documented. There are brief mentions here and there of Henry, so that's how I know I'm on the right track. There are some photos of the Werts Corner General Store/Post Office from around 1930s, and it is tiny and looks really rural and none too successful...I can't imagine what's there now, but I'm guessin' not much. Tom doesn't like that his ancestor was named Elnathan Wert (LOL!) and despite a pretty good trail, including wills, he is not too sure I have followed the right bread crumbs. My problem has ALWAYS been that I can tie all the Mont /Fountain Co. Werts (the grand and greatgrandchildren of the original Henry above) to this family, except Henry Wert because Henry was the eldest and out on his own and doesn't really show up with the family except as a hash mark in 1810, 1820 censuses. Naturally, Tom is descended from Henry Wert. I am looking for DNA candidates from Wert descendents who stayed in that area, but really, if some stranger came to you and asked for your DNA, would you give a sample? Doubtful So I guess I am really looking for male Wert descendents who are interested in genealogy and might consider submitting a DNA sample on their own, and possibly at my expense. Hmmm, after reading all that, no wonder he is not thrilled about the trip. He probably thinks I'll be digging out the phone book looking for Werts...hmmmmm. haha Suzy


This particular passage, below, is extremely interesting to me as Henry Wert (all the Werts) came from Hunterdon Co, near Princeton, NJ. In fact Tom and I are traveling to Wertsville, NJ later this summer. It's at the corner of Wertsville Rd and Wert's Corner Rd. Really, I swear it's true. :)

I am pretty sure from some clues (as opposed to solid evidence) that Henry went through Butler Co Ohio, where he met his wife, Isabel Bell, daughter of Samuel Bell. The other Wert brothers and sisters were younger and stayed with the parents who went to Coleraine Twp in Hamilton Co Ohio (north part of Cincinatti) which butts up against Butler Co. They were in a German speaking area.

This is exciting to see others with the same migration. Do you know which religious denomination they were?

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