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THOMPSON, Alexander

Alexander THOMPSON

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review, March 15, 1884

Alexander Thompson was b. in Cumberland Co, Pa. April 3, 1796. His father died when he was 18 months old. He and his mother lived together until he was 12 years of age, when she too was carried away by the hand of death. He had 5 brothers and two sisters, one brother and one sister died at the same time as his father. Mr. Thompson is now the only one of the family living. After the death of his mother he and the rest of the family removed from Pa to Butler, Co, Ohio in the year 1811, where they remained until 1827. During his stay in the state of Ohio he was marr. to Jane Taylor, a farmer's daughter, who died and left him Nov 1867. Mrs. Thompson was b. in May 1801 and at the time of her death was 66 years old At the age of 19, he was employed by a man named John Ramsey to gather up and drive cattle and hogs, for the War of 1812. While in Ohio, he performed the task of walking 31 mi. in half a day and has walked 13 mi. and done a days work many a day. The long walk of 31 mi. was from Cincinnati to his home in Butler Co. He removed from Ohio to the farm on which he now lives and entered 180 acres in Oct 1827. At that day deer could be seen every day in droves. he don't remember of killing any however. All the money he had when he landed in Montgomery Co was $5.12 1/2 that winter he cleared 8 acres of ground and had it ready for corn the next spring. His house burned down Nov 1, 1856. Everything was destroyed with the exception of two beds and the clothing they had one and his dau. saved $300 which she had in a trunk. On Thursday week, before his birthday he walked 3 mi. to a fox drive and back home. Pretty good for a man 85 years old. He is of a strong robust constitution having never been bad sick in his life. He can read almost any print without the use of spectacles and a nickle's worth of tobacco will last him two months. He is the only man in Ripley Twp. who lives on land he himself bought from the government. He has a good memory, recollecting many incidents of interest to the young people. He never had any broken limbs as he says, "they always would bend," never had a law suit; never was on a jury; has been a witness twice during his life; never held an office, but ....

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