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Turnipseed - Nathan

Source: A. W. Bowen History of Montgomery County, Indiana.   Indianapolis: AW Bowen, 1913, p. 979

Examples that impress force of character on all who study them  are worthy of record in the annals of history wherever they are  found.  By a few general observations the biographer hopes to  convey in the following paragraphs, succinctly and yet without  fulsome encomium, some idea of the high standing of the late  Nathan C. Turnipseed, for many years one of the well known and  successful farmers and stock men of Sugar Creek Township,  Montgomery County.  Those who remember him best will readily  acquiesce in the statement that many elements of a solid and  practical nature were united in his composition and which during  a series of years brought him material success and the high  regard of his fellowmen in the locality of which this volume  deals, his life and his achievements earning for him a  conspicuous place among his compeers.  He was a man of kind  impulses, neighborly, indulgent to his family and sought to carry  into his everyday life the precepts of the Golden Rule, and was  therefore a fit man to pattern after if we would be both  successful and honored.  Mr. Turnipseed was born on October 15,  1855 in Highland County, Ohio.  He was a son of Thomas and Mary  Chaney Turnipseed.  His father was born on May 19, 1830 in Ohio  and died April 22, 1869.  The mother was born on February 8, 1831  and died March 30, 1875.  The father of our subject was a mason  by trade which he followed in connection with farming.  His  family consisted of 7 children, only one of whom is still living  at this writing. Nathan C. Turnipseed received a common school  education.  When about 21 he removed from his native state to  Montgomery County, Indiana and here he spent the rest of his  life, engaged in general farming and raising and breeding  livestock.  On December 2, 1879, he was united in marriage to  Martha Boots, who was born June 24, 1859, in Montgomery County,  and she grew to womanhood in Sugar Creek, Township.  She is a  daughter of Asa and Elizabeth Rice Boots.  The father on May 10,  1820 in Ohio and his death occurred December 29, 1902.  The  mother was also born in Ohio in 1824 and her death occurred in  April 1861.  To these parents five children were born, two of  whom are still living: Anna is deceased; Ella is deceased;  Charlotte is deceased; George is living and Martha, widow of the  subject of this memoir.  Mrs. Turnipseed received a good common  education.  She has five children: Clarice, born July 6, 1880  married William Jobe and lives in Kansas; Eleanor born Feb 8,  1882, married Frank Custer, a farmer of Sugar Creek Township,  Marie born Aug 19, 1884, is still living at home with her mother;  Asahal, born May 13, 1893 is also at home; and Thomas B. born on  May 2, 1896 is still a member of the family circle.  Mrs.  Turnipseed is the owner of a valuable and productive farm of 253  acres in Sugar Creek Township, which is well improved and on  which stands a good set of buildings.  She is a woman of more  than ordinary business ability and is carrying on general farming  and stock raising on an extensive scale.  The death of Nathan C.  Turnipseed occurred Feb 17, 1913.  He was a member of the  Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  He held membership at the  Potato Creek Methodist Church, of which he was a trustee for many  years.  He was a Republican in politics, was active in party  affairs, and held several offices in the county.  He was highly  esteemed by all who knew him and was a good and praiseworthy  citizen in every respect. - transcribed by kbz
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