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Townsley - John

Source: Crawfordsville Star, April 26, 1877 p 4 – For the information of the stock breeding readers of the Star, we subjoin the names and locations of Horses and Jacks for which we have printed bills this season:

Warren Davis of Longview, a suburban village of this city, is keeping four fine stallions, Mosstrooper and Royal Oak both full-blooded Clides which he imported from Canada this spring. They are certainly the largest and most perfect specimens of draft horses we have ever seen, taking into consideration, the fact, that they are yet a little under 3 years of age: Mosstrooper weight 1,600; Royal Oak 1,550. His other two are fast stock a Kentucky horse, and a superb young trotting horse of his own raising.

England’s Glory is a celebrated draft horse, the property of the Insley Brothers of this city. He will be kept the first 3 days of the week at Linden and the remaining of the time at the Insley Stables here. Full-blood England Glory from the old imported horse and weight 1,600 pounds.

Glenco, the property of Henry Tomlinson is of the Smith Glenco stock and will be kept at the stables of Mr. T, 8 miles north of Crawfordsville on the old plank road

Belfounder, a descendent of the old original Ohio Belfounder, will be found at the stable of Hewet Long on the road to Darlington and at Darlington.

Young Success, a Norman draft, the property of M.W. Lane will make the season at Ladoga.

Lyon, also a full-blooded Morgan will be found 4 miles east of Ladoga. He is kept by S.J. Lough.

Young Morgan, as indicated is of the Morgan stock and is said to be very compactly and finley built. H.S. Jackman, 4 miles north of Crawfordsville is the owner of Morgan.

Young Farmer is of the Ohio Farmer stock and is the property of W.T. Glenn, 2 ½ miles north of Waveland.

General Flora, an imported Norman horse, the property of Milton B. Waugh & Co. will be found part of the time at the stable of Jeff. Bowers in Sugar Creek Township, at Clark’s Hill and at Colfax.

Highlander, and of the Highlander and Diomedes stock is 17 hands high and a dark bay will be kept by MV Goben, 6 miles northeast of Crawfordsville.

Red Buck, is from the original Red Buck will be kept by A.W. Herron near Little’s Mill and at Alamo.

Barney, a cross between the Norman and Morgan stock. John Townsley, proprietor a few miles north east of Crawfordsville.

Emancipation, a very fine Jack is also being kept by H.S. Jackman north of this city.

Young Morgan, as indicated is of the Morgan stock and is said to be very compactly and finely built. H.S. Jackman, 4 miles north of Crawfordsville is the owner of Morgan. - transcribed by kbz

?? 1881
John Townsley, brother to Peter and Jere Townsley and living a   few miles NE of Crawfordsville was taken ill the later part of   last week, but no serious thought was had by the family of a   fatal termination until Sunday evening when he began to sink. He   died just before sunlight Monday morning without a struggle. The   physicians pronounced his disease erysipelas of the brain (NOTE:   Current Medical dictionaries indicate that erysipelas is a skin   infection caused by Streptococcus Virus). The funeral services   took place on Monday afternoon and were conducted by Rev JW   Harris, of the Crawfordsville ME Church. Mr. T. was about 65   years of age.

1878 Montgomery County, Indiana Atlas (Chicago: Beers) p   54
TOWNSLEY, J.W., PO Crawfordsville, Farmer, son of Peter and   Margaret Townsley, natives of Pa. Was b. near Columbus, Ohio   1819. Settled on Sec. 15 of this township 1866, (Union Twp)   married Jane HOLE in 1839 and in 1862 Mrs. Rhoda RUSSELL dau. of   Daniel YOUNT. Children; John L; Andrew; Annie and Frank. Mrs.   Russell has two children: Alice and Allen G.
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