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Todd - John W.

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Indianapolis: AW Bowen, 1913 p 1188

One of                the most representative citizens of Montgomery County and one                of her worthiest native sons is John W. TODD, prominent agriculturist                and banker of Browns Valley, a man, who has succeeded in life                because he has worked consistently along proper lines of endeavor                and has never permitted obstacles to  depart his pathway to the goal of success, and also because he has led an upright                and honest life, thereby gaining and retaining the confidence                and respect of all who know him. He has done much for the general                upbuilding of the community honored by his residence, and is eminently                deserving of a place in his County's history. Mr. Todd was born                in Montgomery Co, Nov 11, 1841 and he is a son of Johnson and                Ruth (VanCleave) Todd, both natives of Kentucky, where they grew                to maturity, were educated and married and from which state they                came to Montgomery County, Indiana in 1832, when this section                of the state was practically a wilderness, settlers were few,                and the land only meagerly improved in places. They devoted their                lives to general farming, developing a good farm here from the                virgin soil. Mr. T. was known as a raiser of shorthorn cattle.                His family consisted of 10 children, namely: James C; John W.                of this review; Henry is deceased; I.S.; George W; Johnson b;                Mrs. Sarah J. DAVIS ; Mrs. Melissa SERVIES ; Pauline and Mrs.                Mary WILLIAMS . John W. Todd was reared on the home farm, where                he worked hard when a young man, and he received his education                in the public schools of his community after which he took up                farming in Brown Twp. and there continued as a general farmer                and stock raiser with ever increasing success until the present                In 1905 he assisted in organizing the Browns Valley Bank, with                a capital stock of 410,000 with a surplus of $3700 and with undivided                profits of $1200. The stock is held by local men, all reputable                citizens and men of known integrity and business ability, and                this institution has met with favor with the people of this part                of the County and is regarded as a sound and safe institution.                The stockholders are John W. Todd, president; Walter SOUTHERLAND,                VP; Walter WIATT, cashier; board of Directors, L.M. McLOED ; C.W.                TAYLOR ; George W. CANINE ; T.D. COONS and WW. BAYLESS . Mr. T.                is deserving of a great deal of credit for his splendid work in                promoting this splendid bank, which has filled a long felt want                in this community and its pronounced success has been due for                the most part to his able management and wise counsel. Mr. Todd was married in 1867 to Susan STEGER, daughter of James and Elizabeth                Steger, natives of Ky. The union of Mr. T. and his first wife                was without issue. Her death occurred after a few years and Mr.                T. married in 1871 Hester HARRIS, daughter of John and Caroline                Harris, both natives of Ky, from which state they removed to Montgomery                Co in a very early day. Mr. T's second wife died in 1900. Politically                Mr. T. is a Democrat, and has always been a loyal supporter of                the party. Religiously, he is a Methodist, and in fraternal matters                he belongs to the Knights of Pythias. He has been a member of                the Horse Thief Detective Association for the past 50 years. -
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