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Thompson -Grigg Matthew

Source: Family Histories Montgomery County, Indiana 1823-1988.  Paducah, Ky: Turner Publishing Company, 1988, p. 326

Grigg  Matthew THOMPSON (1811-1888), son of "Elder" Wilson Thompson and  Mary (Polly) Grigg Thompson was born in Cape Girardeau County,  Missouri. His father, a Primitive Bpatist preacher had moved ther  eto preach The Gospel. But Grigg and Diantha and their growing  family would be all over the wilderness as the years went by --  Missouri, Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky. Grigg, an eloquent  preacher in Georgia (near Calhoun, Gordon County), and a good  farmer (no slaves) was, nevertheless, ruined by the Civil War  conflict, and followed his two sons, Maurice and Will H. to  Montgomery County, Brown Township, Indiana shortly after the war  (about 1868). He established himself at Union Church with the  Canines, only to be criticized over church matters and ostracized  by certain ones of the church. He had been a Confederate Chaplain  during the war -- zealous as his two sons, Maurice and Will H  were zealous soldier scouts. He lived, too, awhile (1880) with  Maurice and Alice at Sherwood Place here. But not giving up his  life's religious mission, he went back to Missouri where he died  as a result of a fall from his horse near Ashland. His body was  returned to Oak Hill Cemetery here for burial in the family plot.  Diantha Jaegger (Yeager) 1813-1897 and Grigg M. Thompson were  married at Connersville, Indiana April 7, 1831. Of their 11  children, very little is known except that of Maurice and WIll H,  the authors, lawyers, archers. Diantha, unusually gifted, came  from the Dutch family of culture (New York) and had a good  knowledge of several languages and sciences, as well as English  literature -- a teacher of her children. Children of Grigg  Matthew Thompson: 1) Minerva Caroline 1832 - ? married ? 2)  Mariah 1839 - ? 3) Mary 1843 - ? died early 4) Maurice - James  Madison - one US census has his birth 1840 but the memorial stone  has 1844 died Feb 15, 1901 5) Will Henry 1846-1918 Will and his  wife, Ida Lee (1855-1906) are buried at Lake View Cemetery,  Seattle, WA and Ida's mother, Leticia West Lee, died at Portland,  Oregon 6) Thomas Jefferson Thompson 1849 - married had offspring  7) Grigg 1850-1851 8) Diantha 1854 - was with her parents here in  Brown Township in 1869 9) Louisa died early 10) Rebecca  disappointed in love, entered a convent 11) Anna Belle married  Members of the Thompson family buried at the Thompson Memorial in  Oak Hill Cemetery are: parents, Grigg Matthew and Diantha Maurice  and wife, Alice Lee (1850-1915) Alice's father, John Lee  *(826-1891) Maurice's children 1) Claude, Lawyer an 1891 Wabash  College graduate 2) John Grigg 1871-1876 3) Agnes 1880-1959 and  her husband, Austin H. Long (1880-1961). One of Maurice's  daughters, Jessie (1872-1941) Mrs. Alexander Ballard was buried  at Tampa, Florida son J. Lee Ballard, a banker at St.  Petersburg.
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