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Tague - Heloise

Waveland Independent
Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana
Aug 21, 1914

Joseph Tague left his 3-year-old daughter, Heloise, at the  home of his father, Caswell Tague, while absent a few hours, Sun.  There were other children with whom she was playing but in some  manner she strayed away and when her father returned she was not  there. A search was at once started. In the meantime, Bud Kidwell  found a little girl playing in the creek under the bridge near  Walter Grimes' place. She had torn her dress in some way and had  taken it off and was carrying it under her arm. She was taken to  Tude Hamilton's home where she was cleaned up and fed, but could  not tell where she belonged. The find was reported to Marshall  McCall who began to call up the country south and in doing so  crossed up with Mr. Tagues' inquiries, and the little girl was  soon restored to her parents. It is over a mi. in a straight line  from her grandfather's home on Will Milligan's place to where she  was found. She didn't seem to be a bit worried. - kbz
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