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Ruffner - Franklin P.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review 6 August 1892 p 3

That gentleman who boasts of the proud distinction of being a “natural born fool,” Franklin P. Ruffner, has been “pestered” to an extent where he thinks the law should interfere and protect him.  Franklin prides himself on being the best natural ventriloquist ever captured in the wilds of Brown Township which together with the proud honor of champion dancer of the State heis a whole circus within himself. Last week Ruffner was billed to give one of his select entertainments in the classic town of Smartsburg. He was there, band wagon, moneys and all, true to his engagement as perfected by his advance agent, Willard McCormick, the “Bellfast Spider.” When the performance began some 15 of Smartsburg’s 400 had bravaed the elements and paid the admission fee, one dime, ten cents. The rest of the gang were on the outside. This crowd that didn’t pay raise such a merry shoel that to have attempted to give an exhibition would have been sheer folly.  Ruffner claims he went on the outside and remonstrated with the “wild and wooly” gang several times but to no avail; that when he started home he was treated to a shower of over-ripe eggs and otherwise maltreated. He gave the names of more than a dozen of his assailants to Prosecutor Moffett and wants the next grand jury to return indictments against them. - s

Source: Crawfordsville Review 7 March 1891

A small child of Frank Ruffner was seriously burned through an explosion of coal oil at his home Thursday afternoon.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 21 April 1892 p 3

A very extraordinary and entertaining entertainment was given here (Alamo) by Frank Ruffner Tuesday night. He hails from near Crawfordsville and is fairly at home behind the foot lights as a ventriloquist and rapid dancer of the “highland fling” order. He travels and buys numerous articles preparatory to making a “speck” at the city market at the close of the week. His drawing business is his evening show.  

Source: Crawfordsville Review 21 Dec 1895 p 1

Charles Ruffner, a clerk of John Potts and a son of Frank Ruffner, the natural born fool, last week undertook to do his eating fire act. He saturated a cotton ball with gasoline and by accident spilled some of it on his face. Charles then lit it with a match and before he could put it out his face was badly burned into blisters. He looked like he had been fighting the Darlington bloodhounds and it is thought he will not try the act again.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 4 Feb 1899 p 8 –

Frank Ruffner & daughter are visiting his mother Mrs. Ruffner.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 14 May 1892 p 8

Frank Ruffner, a ventriloquist, gave an entertainment at the opera house one night last week, to a large audience. Everybody was well pleased with the show.  

Source: Indianapolis Journal 21 November 1885

Frank Ruffner was taken to Crawfordsville on Wednesday by the sheriff of Putnam County on the charge of breaking down a toll-gate on the Southern turnpike.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 6 March 1896 p 3

Frank Ruffner, the “natural born fool” called at the Journal office Monday morning to state that on Saturday evening he had set the edict of Mayor Bandel at defiance and had given a dance in his house. “We had a staying big crowd,” said he, “and all the folks did us great respect. We didn’t have no drinkin’ no fightin, nor no cussin.” We did have a good time though and we are going to have a good time whenever we want it. “The only folks who kicked was some folks who lived across the alley and they said it disturbed them areadin’ of the Bible. They are no great shakes, though, because while me and my boy was husting to make a dollar to buy wood they was burnin’ up their fence and readin’ the Bible.”

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