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Russell - Byron Randol

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Indianapolis: AW Bowen,  1913) p 914

The name of Byron Randolph RUSSELL needs no introduction to  the people of Montgomery County, for he has long been one of the  most familiar figures on the streets of Crawfordsville, where he  is known as a man of business ability, public-spirit and  honorable, character, hence has always had the friendship of all  who knew him, and during his long life here he has been of much  assistance in the general development of the community.  Mr.  Russell was born in White County, Indiana July 11, 1848 and he is  a son of Arthur and Lydia WAYMIRE Russell.  The father was a  manufacturer in Monticello and had an interest in the woolen  mills at Yountsville which he purchased in 1857.  His wife died  in 1852 and he later married Mrs. Rhoda GILKEY, who was a  daughter of Dan YOUNT, the founder of Yountsville.  The death of  Arthur Russell occurred Jan 1, 1858, and our subject made his  home with his step grandfather until he was 15.  On July 11,  1863, when but a mere boy, he showed his courage by enlisting in  the Union Army, as a pvt. in Co G, 63rd Indiana Volunteer  Infantry.  A part of his regiment was in the army of the Potomac  under General porter, then in the 23rd Army Corps under general  Schofield in Sherman's Army.  He took part in the East Tennessee  Campaign, fought at Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville and other  important engagements, including that at Ft. Fisher, NC.  He was  then transferred to the 128th Indiana Vol. inf.  He was for some  time in the hospital at Greensboro, NC with typhoid fever.  At  the time of his honorable discharge June 22, 1865, he was orderly  to the division surgeon.  According to his comrades he was a most  efficient and fearless soldier and his record as such is a most  commendable one.  After returning home he took a course in Wabash  College, then studied law under the distinguished Lew Wallace,  later taking a law course in the Univ. of Michigan where he made  a splendid record and from which institution he was graduated  1872.  He returned to Crawfordsville and became a partner in the  practice of his profession with the late Judge EC Snyder, which  partnership lasted a year and a half, then practiced alone for a  period of 8 years.  He has always enjoyed a lucrative practice  and is one of the best known and most successful attorneys in the  county.  Having ever manifested an abiding interest in public  affairs, Mr. Russell was elected on the Republican ticket as  Justice of the Peace and in 1896 elected mayor of Crawfordsville,  serving two terms in a manner that reflected much credit upon him  and to the eminent satisfaction of all concerned. During that  period he did much for the permanent good of the place.  It was  during his administration that the city water works were  completed, he having been very active in this work; also the  first fire department system was perfected.  Thus having been for  many years very active in all that affects the welfare of his  city he is deserving of much credit.  He was secretary of the  first building association formed in Crawfordsville and through  it the present opera house was built.  Mr. Russell is now in  partnership with Gaylord McClure, as attorneys, real estate  dealers, abstractors and they enjoy an extensive and rapidly  growing business.  Mr. Russell is a member of the Knights of  Pythias, belongs to McPherson Post, GAR having held all the  offices in the same.  He has long been very active in the ranks  of the Republic Party.  Personally, he is popular, being a good  mixer and genial in his manner.  On October 1, 1874, Mr. Russell  was married to Sylva E. O'Neall, a daughter of Abijah and Ellen  O'Neall, a well known family of Yountsville, Indiana having been  early settlers there.  The death of Mrs. Russell occurred June,  1905 - typed by kbz
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