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Rosebaum - Dwight

Source: Waveland Independent, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, Jan 25, 1918

Dwight  Rosebaum has been informed that the Academic Board has  approved the certificates submitted by him from the Waveland HS,  Wabash College and the Univ. of Washington and the mental  examination for admission to the US Military Academy is waived on  account of credits received at the above institutions. A  preliminary exam by a US Army surgeon at Seattle shows him to be  in good physical condition and unless the regular Examining Board  turns him down on the physical exam in March, his entrance to the  Academy is pretty well assured. He is ordered to report at West  Point June 14, 1918, provided the physical exam board passes him. kbz

Note: Dwight Acker Rosebaum was born in Waveland, 9 April 1898, went to the academy, and on to the US Army and worked his way up to become a Colonel. Commissioned Lt. Colonel on the 11th of December 1941 he was made a full Colonel 11 March 1948.  He was stationed for quite awhile at Ft. George Meade, Anne Arundel, Maryland, for awhile in Chattahoochee, Georgia but lived in Missouri for many years.  He was born 9 April 1898.    He died in St. Joseph, Andrew County, Missouri in October of 1970.  Jeanette passed eight years afterward.  Neither he nor Jeanette seem to show-up in findagrave.  Perhaps they were cremated. It is also unknown if there were more children other than the younger Dwight. Later on, Dwight Sr. was listed several times in St. Joseph city directories as an accountant.

Their son Dwight Jr. was born abroad (April 7, 1932 at 1:55 a.m. at the American Hospital in Neuilly sur Seine, France.  Dwight Sr. was a First Lt. at that time.  They lived at 58 rue de Marchal Foch, Versailles.  and at age 7 months on the 24th of November in 1932 on the ship, U.S.S. President Roosevelt (leaving from LeHavre) and arriving in the US in New York City on the 4th of December came with his parents, Dwight and Jeanette (Boyle Brown 1903-1978) going back to their home at 519 N. 8th St., in St. Joseph Missouri.  Sadly, Dwight Jr. died at age 12 in July of 1944.  

Source: In the (see picture) 1920 US Military Academy at West Point, Dwight was nicknamed Rosie.  He was listed as a sharpshooter.  This is what the yearbook had to say about him.

"Dwight was one of the few who landed here on or about June 13, 1918, who took to his new surroundings immediately.  He had the knack not only of getting in with the Beast Detail, but he even boned a bootlick at the bath formation because he could wiggle his toes with such exquisite expression.  Rosie's chief delight is in boning dis.  It took Dwight about one year to decide that he'd like the Field as a branch; it took about two months this year to push the Doughboys up to First Choice.  He figures that after P. Echols and W.P. Robinson get through with him, he'll have all the fight and stick-to-it-ive-ness that a front line officer needs.  Give him a long release from quarters, and our friend takes to studying geography by personal observation.  He is an authority on Cro' Nest, Redoubt No. 4, etc.  In fact, he ruined a perfectly good pair of buckskin gloves while scouting about Cro' Nest one day, and he still fails to see why Major Forbes wanted to know whether or not he did his walking on his hands, when he req'ed a new pair of gloves."

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