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Ronk - Gertrude Pefley

Source: The Peffley, Peffly, Pefley Families in America, A historical and genealogical record of the Peffley, Peffly and Pefley families from 1729-1938; Published in 1938, By May Miller Frost and Clarence Earl Frost
#1519--GERTRUDE JOSEPHINE PEFLEY (dau. of  John Franklin and Margaret Frankenbarger Peffley) married at Ladoga, Dec. 22nd, 1901, ORA W. RONK, born June 6th, 1874, near Ladoga. (son of JOSEPH and SUSAN (Smith) RONK, see No. 1134). Ora's line came from Virginia to Indiana, were originally from Penn. Ora and Gertrude went to Medford, Oregon, in 1909 and from there to a homestead near Roseburg, Ore. Gertrude born 7-27-1879 and died (buried Myrtle Creek IOOF) 2-18-1939

Mrs. Ronk has in her possession a waffle iron with handles about three feet long to use in a fire-place. This iron is over one hundred years old and had been the property of her grandfather, Andrew Pefley. It was probably passed on to him by an earlier generation. Mrs. Ronk remembers seeing her grandfather bake waffles with this iron.
She also has a German Psalter with the name Susannah Peffley written in it; a number of old photographs of Peffleys; several pen and ink drawings of fine workmanship that are very old.

Dr. Claude F. Pefley had a German bible (which was) printed in Philadelphia in 1775 (By Christian Sauer?- Jeff Scism).

In this bible is the name Sarannah Peffley; also an old copper sugar kettle of huge size used in making maple syrup by the Peffley family until the bottom was worn out and a new one was riveted in. [Note: Jeff Scism has one of the Peffley maple syrup brown jugs.] Address (as of 1938); Box 218, Myrtle Creek, Oregon.

1--KENNETH VIRGIN RONK, b. 10-31-1902, Ladoga. Died Douglas Co Oregon - buried Myrtle Creek IOOF, Oregon 6 August 1976
2--WILLIAM KEITH RONK, b. 4-19-1916, Myrtle Creek. Oregon. (spelled Keath on tombstone) Born 4-18-1916 and died 11-5-1997
3--KERMIT OAKEL RONK, b. 10-4-1919, Myrtle Creek.
Thanks so much to Jeff Scism for the Peffley info 😊
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