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Rogers - Elijah

Source: `Family Histories of Montgomery County, Indiana 1823-1988 Compiled by Genealogy Section of Montgomery Co. Historical Society Turner Publishing, Paducah KY p 288

Elijah Rogers (submitted by J. Boyd) About the year 1829, Elijah Rogers came to Indiana with his pioneer parents from Ohio to settle in Sugar Creek Township near the little village of Bowers Station. He married Rachel ? who died in 1852. He then married Margaret Venis. From this union came 10 children. Two of the children, Mary and David married a brother and sister; John and Sarah Belle, from the Stull family. All of their children were double cousins. The siblings (sic) of Elijah and Margaret Venis Rogers were: Mary Rogers; john Rogers; Elizabeth who married Jesse Coyner; Melissa who married Jesse Saidla; David Finley who married Sarah Belle Stull); George who married Isabelle Meek; Mary Adeline, who married John W. Stull; Henry Edwin; Rilla May who married John Hutchinson; and Nellie May who married Edwin J. Carr. The children of David Finley and Sarah Belle Stull Rogers were: John Franklin who married Annabelle Mitchell; Claude Chester who married Rosa Rettinger; Clifford who married Hazel Clouser; Della who married Walter Long; Alden who married Jeanette Zachgo; David who married Mary Watt; Edward Lee who married Pauline Engle and Helen Watt; Oakel Hall who married Charlotte Cones and Mildred Horsley; and Ethel Blanche who married Raleigh Carr and Leslie Edwards. The children of Claude and Rosa Rettinger Rogers were: Juanita who died in infancy; Helen who married Lew Waggoner and Haven. The children of Walter and Della Rogers Long were Ellen and Cecil who married Helen Myers. The children of Allen and Jeanette Zachgo Rogers were: Robert who married Rosemary Kelley and Ardith Lindley and Dorothy who married Larry Gagnier. The children of David F. and Mary Watt Rogers were Bonnie Jean who married Edward Kastl; and mary Jane who married William Burkhalter. The children of Edward Lee and Helen Watt Rogers were: Jack Graham who married Sharon Rabe and David lee who married Hazel Wells. The children of Oakel and Charlotte Cones Rogers were Marjorie who married Earl Bates and Albert Marschke; and Myron Lee who married Ruth ? The child of Oakel and Mildred Horsley was Nancy Jane Rogers. The children of Raleigh and Ethel Blanche Carr were: Laurabelle who married Glen Reppert and Lois Mae who married Leslie Lassiter. With 10 children form John W. and Mary Rogers Still and 10 children form David Finley and Sarah Belle Stull Rogers a double cousin, it was natural that family reunions were frequently held. The first Rogers-Stull family gathering was held at the country home of Walter and Della Rogers in late Aug 1921 but did not organize until Aug 1924 at Stoddard Park, Linden, Ind. The families met for 3 years at someone's home until 1924 when they went to the park, a central location for all of the families. They then elected officers. As of this date, 1989, the reunion is still being held in Linden, IN
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