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Ridge - David T.

Source: Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain County, Indiana (Chapman Brothers, 1893) p 477

David T. RIDGE, a highly respected citizen of Crawfordsville, is a pleasant gentleman whose 68 years of the ups and downs of life have added greater richness to a true and kindly manhood. He is a merchant tailor and has his place of business at No. 116 1/2 W. Washington Street. While not one of our wealthy men, he gains a moderate income, doing excellent work and has a home that he may well feel satisfied with. It is located at No. 610 W. Main. Mr. Ridge first saw the light in Warren County, Ohio Feb 29, 1824. His father was named Thomas, his mother, Jane. The latter died when our subject was 8 years old. There is one brother, Joshua who was a wagon maker and merchant at Ladoga. Mr. Ridge began to learn his trade at Waynesville, Ohio serving 7 years as an apprentice. He then opened a shop at the place before mentioned, which shop he took charge of for a year and a half in a store at Centerville, after which in April 1847, he came to Crawfordsville. His first work here was clerking in a store, he held that position a year and a half, then clerked at La Fayette for some months. Mr. Ridge now rented a paper mill and became a partner in the same, continuing in that business a few months; but as this did not pay he returned to Crawfordsville and accepted another clerkship, this time in a large distillery -- that of Matlock & Hunt - using 300 bushels of grain per day. He remained here 18 months after the death of Mr. Matlock, then in partnership with Joseph F. Galey opened a grocery store in this place, keeping at the business about 4 years and building up a large trade. He then engaged in the dry goods business. This was in the year 1857, and owing to the hard times he failed, after a trial of a year and a half. Soon after he returned to the grocery business. In 1858 Mr. Ridge was elected County Auditor.

Before this he had held local township offices. He was elected by the Republicans, being the first Auditor of that party to be elected in the county. His work in this position was most satisfactory; but at the next election, after a hard struggle on the part of his friends, he was defeated by being counted out, and a Democrat was elected in his place. In 1862 Mr. Ridge bought out a tailor shop and continued the business one year. He then became a member of the firm of McClure, Fry & Company, general merchandise, and was a partner there 5 years, selling from $80000 to $100,000 worth of goods per annum. But at the end of the time mentioned he was no better off than at the beginning.

He then learned the photograph trade, opening a gallery in Crawfordsville; but after two years abandoned it and reommenced the trailoring tradea bout 1870, in which business he is now engaged, as stated above. He has a large line of samples and does a fine business. Mr. Ridge married Miss Elizabeth Galey, who was born in Brown Township and is a duaghter of Benjamin Galey. Their children are Gifford, who resides at Crawfordsville; William R, a tailor; and Emma H who is the wife of George F. Carver, a lumber dealer. As has been before stated, Mr. Ridge has not made a forunte, but his life has been an interesting one, full of change and incident. Perhaps something of a spirit of adventure and love for variety has prompted the trial of new means for advancement, new scenes and different occupations. The main end to be achieved was to gain a competence and an honorable position in the community, as well as to lead an upright life for his own conscience' sake -- all this he has done and Crawfordsville is glad to welcome all like him. kbz
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