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Reprogle - William

Source: [This is a transcription of "neighbors' affidavit" provided to Chas. M. TRAVIS, attorney in Crawfordsville, Indiana in the William REPROGLE pension claim No. 100679.
The affidavit was "additional evidence" supporting a request for a pension increase by William REPROGLE. The affidavit is dated 26 March 1878. My source is a photocopy of the William REPROGLE Complete Pension File 408990 provided by NARA. My comment, and generally anything added by me, is distinguished from the original text by enclosing it in square brackets. I have not viewed the original document, only the photocopy.][p.] [Stamp]
Department of the Interior Pension Office [dated] APR 27 1878 No 100679

Neighbors Additional Evidence in claim No 100679 of William REPROGLE late a Private Co. "K" 127th Regt. Ind. Vols.
Neighbors' Affidavit Chas. M. TRAVIS Crawfordsville Ind Atty of Record [p.][Stamp] Department of the Interior Pension Office [dated] APR 27 1878 [handwritten number in large font in the lower left margin] 26 State of Indiana Montgomery County
[The lines above are denoted by a single brace to the right, incorporating both lines, followed by what appears to the letters SS, ie. }SS]
We, John DICKERSON, William BORAKER, Harmon W. WILSON, Chris W. ELTZROTH, Charles D HUFFMAN, and Toni E. KELLEY of Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, all of full age, being duly sworn according to law, on our oaths declare that we were personally well acquainted with William REPROGLE, late a Private in Co. "K" 127th Regiment, of Indiana Volunteers, from in the Fall of 1865, till in April 1871:
That we were near neighbors, and intimate acquaintances of the said REPROGLE during the said period, and we were well informed during all of the said period, as to his physical condition. We know that he was continuously afflicted with the diseases of Army diarrhea and liver complaint. We have visited him, at different times when he was suffering, and confined to his house, and we know from what he said, of his diseases at the times we called on him and from what we saw of him, that he was afflicted with the said diseases, more or less during the entire period; at times [p.] he would be able to perform manual labor - and often for a period of three or four months he would be able to work, nearly every day, at such work as gardening or teaming, or assisting builders in erecting buildings, and then, he would be attacked again, and for several weeks, could not do any work. We believe, during the said period, that he was fully one half of his time incapacitated, and unable to perform manual labor on account of the said diseases. We also well know the fact that Doctors MCCLELLAND and BARNETT- the firm of "Mc Clelland & Barnett" were his Physicians, during the said period, and that both of the said Doctors are now deceased - Dr. [?] A. BARNETT of said firm died in the year 1873, and Dr. J. S. MCCLELLAND, his partner died in the year 1876. We do further declare, that we know the facts above stated, of our own personal knowledge, derived from our intimate acquaintance and continued association with the [p.] [handwritten number in large font in the lower left margin] 27 said REPROGLE. That we are laboring men, and during the said period, we often were engaged at work, as above mentioned, with him, and have, by that association, learned much of his physical condition, having seen him, at different times, have to quit work, on account of a recurrence of his diarrhea, or severe pains in his side; and also, we know of the fact that at no time, during the said period, was he a sound able bodied man. We do further declare that we have no interest whatsoever, in the claim for Pension of the said REPROGLE. William BORAKER John DICKERSON his Harmon W. WILSON mark Christian W. ELTZROTH C. D. HUFFMAN T E KELLEY

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 26 day of March 1878, and I hereby certify that I am acquainted with all the affiants, and know them to be credible witnesses, worthy of belief, and that the contents of the above affidavit was made known to them, before signing: also that I have no interest [p.] whatsoever in this matter. Witness my hand and seal the date above written ` Theodore D BROWN Clerk Montgomery Circuit Court Submitted by ERIC A. HEDGES 1 AUGUST 2005

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