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Reeves - William M.

Source: Record of Marriages, Montgomery Co IN 1889 p 2

William M. Reeves resides C'ville attorney age 32 b Indiana Father; JW Reev es Mother:  -- Sidener  1st marriage
Clara B. Waugh resides Colfax age 19 b Indiana Father; Milton B. Waugh Mother: - Saulesbury 1st marr married by TD Fyffer at Bowers on 2-14-1889
Source: 1st Ward C'ville 1900 census  Walnut street 107

Reeves, Wm. Mar 1856 marr 11 years IN KY IN  Lawyer
Clara B. wife March 1869 1 ch 1 living
Ada E. Reeves Feb 1891 IN IN IN at school
Source: Crawfordsville Sunday Star, July 3, 1898 p 1

The man of whom the above photogravure is an excellent likeness (photo by Willis & McQuown) is in every sense of the word a self-made man.  He is one of the best known men in the grand ole county of Montgomery and he will himself this morning be as much surprised to see his own picture in these columns as will anyone else.  It is a tribute due him as a resolute up to date man, a good lawyer and an enterprising man who has made a success of his chosen profession, the practice of the law, that the honest face of William M. Reeves should appear among the gallery of prominent citizens that we are from week to week publishing in these columns to be read of by men and women and to be held up as examples to the younger generation as types of the good citizenship we are producing.  The life of Mr. Reeves is well worth reading for it is a testionial to the trite old saying that merit will win out in the struggle.

There is much individuality about Mr. Reeves and the chief criticism to be offered against him, if any, would be that he is too hopeful, too generous for the ethics of this practical age with its procrustean ideas. His hand has always been genrously open to charity, his voice has always been for the under do gin the fight that mankind has to wage, he has always been courageous to stand up and be counted on the side of good order.  He is now the republican cndidate for prosecutor.  Perhaps his sterling manhood had much to do with the gtting of the nomination, for sometime the busy world does take a real and live interest in merit and true worth.

W.M. Reeves was born in this county.  His father, John Reeves, settled in Brown Township in 1854, coming from Mason County (not given, assume Kentucky) .  William M. Reeves was born in 1856.  Early in life he formed a taste for the law and every effort and impulse was with that end in view.  Dependent upon his own exertions he shaped his whole course with a fixed purpose that was like the north star a light to his feet.  He worked on the farm during the summer season and long before he was a man he was one of the best teachers int he county schools.  He attended four years at Wabash College after completing the course in the famed Ladoga Normal.  In 1885, he began the practice of law in Crawfordsville and ever since he has been a resident of the city.  He has by earnest ability taken a front rank in the practice here and in the supreme court.  Among the notable cases in which he has taken the leading part was the settlement of the foreign estate of Chas. M. Averill, Bay City, Mich in which he  recovered the sum of $100,,000 for a disinherited heir.  He won the celebrated Miller contested estate case in the California courts and recovered $118,000 therby for his client.  Nor must be forget the Carroll estate of Virginia where the sum of $72,000 was recovered after a legal fight ofnational fame.  His notable appearance in the criminal court was in the defense of WIlliam Armstrong of Bowers for assault and attempt to kill only equalled in interest by the defence of WIlliam WIlhite for attempted murder.  In Montgomery and adjoining counties the docket shows that he has tried ovr 451 cases, a number of the same being criinal cases ofnote.  He has perhaps the widest acquaintance of any man in Montgomery County.

In 1889, he married Clara B Waugh; they reside in a pretty cottage on South Washington Street and with the happy companionship of a beautiful young daughter, they are living an ideal life.  Mr. Reeves is a progressive and liberal man right abreast with the times and sturdily for all public improvements a friend to labor.

For six year, Mr. Reeves has been associated with Hon. M.D. White in the practice of the law and they enjoy a large and prosperous practice.  It is a pleasure to pay tribute to such sturdy young manhood when coupled with such native ability as exists in this instance. In future testimonials to representative citizens we can hardly find any more worthy than the original of this likeness.
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