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Redenbaugh - Jeremiah

Source: Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain counties, Indiana. Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893, pp445-446

JEREMIAH REDENBAUGH is a retired farmer, living just outside the city limits of Crawfordsville, but he still retains possession of his farm, which is located in Walnut Township, Montgomery County. Mr. Redenbaugh is a son of Henry B. Redenbaugh, one of the early settlers of this portion of Indiana, who was born January 2, 1800, near Redden, Ohio. Frederick Redenbaugh, the grandfather of our subject, was a native of Germany, came to this country some time during the last century, and first located in Pennsylvania, whence he moved to Ohio, and from there to Indiana in the early days of the settlement of the state. After coming here he first settled among the pioneers of Jefferson County, and then came to Montgomery County, where his life was closed at the advanced age of' eighty-six years. He was a soldier under Gen. Harrison at the famous battle of Tippecanoe, and he served with the General during the War of 1812. He married Margaret Haney in Pennsylvania and they had twelve children, of whom their son William, who lives in Fountain County at the advanced age of eighty-one years, is the only survivor. The grandfather of our subject was an ardent Democrat in his day, and was a leader in local politics. Henry Redenbaugh was the fifth child born to his parents, and was a young man when he accompanied them to Jefferson County, this state. He there met and married Mary Douglas, daughter of Jeremiah and Jane (Huthert) Douglas. They had come from England to this country and first settled near Cincinnati, whence they afterwards removed to Jefferson County, this state. After his marriage Henry Redenbaugh remained awhile in Jefferson County, and then came to Montgomery County in 1828. He took up eighty acres of government land, which he cleared and improved, and developed it into a fine farm, upon which he remained until his death, September, 1891, at the venerable age of ninety-one years. In dying he left behind him an honorable record as an active and useful pioneer, as a good citizen, and as a desirable neighbor. He was the father of twelve children, of whom the following grew to maturity and are still living: John, a painter, residing at Newton, Kans.; Jeremiah; Mary (Mrs. Brush), who lives in Iowa; Sarah Ann, who lives in Boone County; William B., a resident of Crawfordsville; Joe, a resident of Mace, and Eliza (Mrs. McMullen) a resident of Boone County. Jeremiah Redenbaugh was born in Jefferson County, in the southern part of this state, May 25, 1824, and he was a child of three years when his parents brought him to their new home amid the pioneer scenes of Montgomery County. He was reared in Scott Township, and has a distinct recollection of the appearance of the country in all its wildness when he was a boy, and he can remember when Crawfordsville had but three or four houses in it. He made his home with his father until he was twenty-one, and then married established a home of his own with the help of his wife. She was Elizabeth Corn in her maiden days and a daughter of William Corn, of Clark Township, one of the early settlers of the county. Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Redenbaugh, of whom five are living: Sarah Jane, wife of Thomas N. Hosier; William, George W., Eliza Ellen and Nancy Eddenfield. Mr. and Mrs. Hosier have one child, Viola Ellen, aged nine years. The names of the deceased children of our subject are: Joseph Henry, Albert, Mary Alice, Andrew, Charlie and John, and one child who died in infancy unnamed. April 29, 1888, Jeremiah Redenbaugh had the misfortune to lose his wife, who had walked by his side for more than forty years, and to whose encouragement, cheerful assistance and wise counsel he was greatly indebted. Her age at the time of her death was sixty years, six months and twenty-seven days She left behind her a blessed memory as a wife, mother and friend. Mr. Redenbaugh bought a piece of land in Walnut Township after his marriage, and there he and his wife commenced keeping house together. He worked hard to improve it, and bought other land until his farm comprised two hundred acres of most excellent farming land. In 1886 he retired from active business, and from the rental of his farm he derives a good income. His career as a farmer has placed him among the substantial citizens of the township, although he began life poor. This fact shows that beside being diligent, prudent and thrifty, he also carried on his work methodically, and was shrewd and far seeing in his management of his affairs. Politically he is a Democrat of stanch principles. He belongs to the Montgomery County Horse Thief Detective Association, and has always entered readily into any scheme for protecting the interests of the farmer. kbz
Source: H.W. Beckwith History, Montgomery County, Indiana (Chicago: HH Hill, 1881) p 376

Jere REDENBAUGH, farmer, New Ross, was born in Jefferson County, Indiana, May 25, 1824. His father, Henry Redenbaugh, was born in Ohio, and his mother Mary (DOUGLAS) Redenbaugh, was born in England, near London, and came to America in 1800 with her parents. They moved from Ohio to Jefferson County, Indiana, and in 1827 came to Montgomery County, bringing three children: Alonzo J., Jere, and Mary. They lived the first year in Scott township, in a house of the rudest description, boards being laid across the sleepers for their bedstead. Leaving Scott township they leased thirty acres for three years of William H. Lynn, in Union township. This they cleared, for which they received $100 in money. With this little purse Mr. Redenbaugh purchased eighty acres of land in Scott township, upon which they lived till his death, which occurred in 1855. Mrs. Redenbaugh is still living in Boone County, Indiana, at the advanced age of eighty-one years. She is a member of the United Brethren Church. Mr. Redenbaugh's father and brother were under Harrison in the War of 1812, and his brother George is now a resident of Fountain County, Indiana, and is eighty-seven years old. Mr. Redenbaugh was a democrat all his life. Jere REDENBAUGH, son of the above, has spent all his life on the farm. In 1847 he was married to Elizabeth CORN, daughter of William and Sarah Corn, who came to Montgomery County in 1830, and settled in Scott, then in Clarke township. There Mr. Corn died in 1859, and Mrs. Corn in 1874. Mrs. Redenbaugh was born in Kentucky. They have six children: Williams, Sarah J., Eliza E., Nancy E., George W., and Andrew. After marrying, Mr. Redenbaugh leased a farm of Isaac EIston, in Union township, on which he lived five years. He then lived one year in Scott township. Remembering that a rolling stone gathers no moss, he purchased forty acres, on which his present commodious house stands. He has been a thoroughly successful farmer, having added to this forty acres till he now has the W. 1/2 of S.E. 1/4, and E. 1/2 of S.E. 1/4 Sec. 28, and twenty acres, the E. 1/2 of S. W. 1/4 of S. W. 1/4 Sec. 28. In 1868 he built his present residence, 18x36, with hall 10x36, and kitchen 18x18, all brick; also large barn. He is now in easy circumstances. He is democratic in politics, and a supporter of progressive movements. kbz
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