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Records - William F.

Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana May 12, 1955
The post card shower to Mr. TW RECORDS was a huge success. We present herewith a form letter which they sent out to their many friends here who helped make it successful. I had a wonderful birthday, but now comes the big job. I received nearly 200 cards and letters which I should answer but to do so properly would require many hours, so I shall take a short cut by making a mimeographed copy to which I may add a few personal items if needed. Messages came from many states from coast to coast and border to border. I was especially pleased to hear from several who had dropped from my sight as well as from others I hear occasionally. One was from a teacher, now retired who taught Russell in fourth grade; and did a wonderful job, too. Also a message from a member of the class of '93, who informed me that she and I are the only survivors of our teen age group. And another friend, who graduated in 1887, who says there are two still left of her class. A very interesting letter from a real Philadelphia lawyer brought me up-to-date on several of my boyhood friends. A telegram from a nephew from whom I hear occasionally and a letter from his brother which is, I think the first I ever received from him. I might continue like this so many asked about our family. I must take that up. Most of you know my wife, formerly Lillian Russell of Terre Haute. We were married in 1898, and will pass our 57th milestone next June. Russell was born in 1900 and passed away 1927, leaving his wife, Mary A. Records, now dean of girls in Gerstemyer HS in Terre haute and a fine son, Thomas who spent two and one half years in the service in WWII and is now married and living in Houston Texas; he has a five year old daughter, Patricia. Our other son, William is a pilot with American Airlines and lives in LA. He has been married 25 years and has two children, Robert, who is in his first year of college and a daughter, Caryl, who has a year old daughter, Deborah Horn. So we are boasting of two very cute great granddaughters. When we counted the names signed in my birthday book there were 81; so we feel that we have made some new friends since we came out here in 1950. Thanking you for your cards and letters and hoping to see you if you ever come to California. I am as always, your friends, WT Records. (Part of a letter to Ira Sharpe).
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