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Mahorney - John Calvin


Family Fact Sheet

SOURCE: The Peffley, Peffly, Pefley Families in America, A historical and genealogical record of the Peffley, Peffly and Pefley families from 1729-1938; Published in 1938, By May Miller Frost and Clarence Earl Frost. Call Number: R929.2 P375

633--JOHN CLAYTON MAHORNEY (son of No. 627 ) married June 30th, 1904, MARGARET ANN MILLER, born Mar. 24th, 1889, in Hendricks Co., Ind., (daughter of LEWIS W. and SARAH ELLEN (Morphew) MILLER).

Address (as of 1938); Ladoga, Ind.


1--JOHN PAUL MAHORNEY, b. 5-5-1908, Ladoga.
2--ELLEN LUCILLE MAHORNEY, b. 8-24-1913, Ladoga.

: Beckwith, H.W.  History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Chicago: HH Hill, 1881) p 472.

J.C. MAHONEY, was born in Montgomery County in 1851 and is the son of Zachariah F. and Catharine (HASHBARGER) Mahoney, who are prominent citizens of the county, coming here in an early day. The Dr.was raised on a farm till 24 and at the same time, having the advantages of a good education, he began the study of medicine, his preceptor being A.R. THOMAS, dean of the Hahenmann College of Philadelphia, and graduated at that time honored institution in 1878, and began the practice of medicine at Ladoga the following year. By constant study and close attention to business he has already entered into an extensive practice. In 1880 he marr. Mrs. Nina HARSHBARGER, formerly Nina PEFFLEY.

John Clayton who writes the piece below, is the son of John Calvin and Ann Peffley Mahorney, the two above
By JOHN CLAYTON MAHORNEY, Ladoga, Apr. 4th, 1936

"I now live within less than a mile from both the homes where my parents  were reared. One is a large brick house three fourths of a mile south of me, the Zach. Mahorney home; and the other, the John Peffley home, a brick house west of me three fourths of a mile. The families were both pioneers and started their cabins in the brush and as their large families grew built more substantial houses. My father, Dr. John Calvin Mahorney, came home from Philadelphia, Penn, where he graduated from the Hahnemann Homeopathic School of medicine, and married John Peffley's youngest child, a daughter then a widow, having lost her first husband, Meadie Harshbarger, and having a baby daughter left (now Lula Goshorn). My father farmed and practiced medicine until kicked by a horse and killed while making a sick call in 1909. His loss was a tremenduous blow to the family and the whole community . My fathers brothers and sisters nearly all followed professions . All the members of both families, the Mahorneys and Peffleys, were well respected and useful citizens . They came here and started in the woods and helped to make the country what it is. John Peffleys family came in covered wagons and built their own log house, and as their family grew they made their own clothes from the sheep's wool; took their own corn on a horse to mill to grind for their bread and made the boys caps from the fur of the squirrels and raccoons. Everything they needed they had to provide; and what wonderful people they must have been to raise their large families to honorable manhood and womanhood and accomplish what they did."

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