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Family Fact Sheet

John Hunter and Martha Ball Hunter, settled in Montgomery county, Indiana. This family suffered much sadness. John and Martha Ball Hunter lost their 7 year old daughter, Sarah M. Hunter on August 25, 1847. Ten days later, they lost their 9 year old son, Dennis R. Hunter on September 4, 1847. Two years and ten months later, tragedy hit this family hard. They lost their 18 year old daughter, Martha Ann on July 4, 1850. Three months later, Martha's husband, John Hunter, died at the age of 49 on October 25, 1850. Ten days later, Martha lost her 8 year old son, John Riley on November 4, 1850. When you think it could not get any worse, in less then two months, Martha Hunter's 16 year old daughter, Mary Jane Hunter died on December 31, 1850. Martha's five children and husband are buried in Ball Harlow Cemetery, Montgomery county, Indiana. Martha remaining children were Isaiah, age 22, James, age 20, and Esther, age 14. Martha died in 1877 and is buried in Waynetown Masonic Cemetery. Division 3 Lot 13 Grave 1. Esther married a John Fields September 1855 had 4, Rosa, Margaret, Edgar, Willie, John died 1867 buried in Thompson cemetery, Rosa died 1879 and is buried in Thompson as well, have been unable to track other three children. Esther than married John Vaughn in September 1868, had three boys, B. Frank, Howard, and Harry. Have been unable to track the death of John Vaughn, but she is listed as a widow in 1880 census. Harry's one child, Foster Vaughn, was in the Veterans Home for Orphan's in 1910 census, but I later found him living with his mother in I think it was Arizona, she had married and had more children, doing this from memory, Have not entered the information yet, but I did look it up on census records. I am looking for any living relative of this Hunter family. The cemetery I am restoring, Ball Harlow. Floyd Ball a descendant of Dennis Ball whom is buried there is well want to contact living descendants of Hunter family buried there, almost everywhere I go they either did not have children or had two and both died before they did. I have had a bit of luck, Esther's one son, Henry Monroe, married Pearl Biddle moved to Washington, but had 5 living children.

Thanks so much to Kim Hancock for this great review of this family :) KZ
File Created: Thanksgiving, 2010
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