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Hogue - H.A.

The Record of Fargo, N. D., has issued a handsome souvenir edition and makes the following complimentary notice of a native of this city:

“Editor H. A. Hogue, clerk of the district court of Foster County, was born at Crawfordsville, Ind., February 4, 1858. Educated in the common schools he later took up the study of civil engineering and, coming to North Dakota in 1882, was employed on the Northern Pacific, locating the line north from Carrington, remaining with that company two years, when he settled at Melville, taking charge of the elevator company at Melville until 1889, when he moved to Carrington and established the Carrington Independent, which he has since conducted. He was appointed clerk of the district court in 1893, and elected to that position in 1894. He was married at Carrington in May, 1890, to Hattie Beatty, and they have two girls and one boy. He has been active not only in the politics of the county, but in secret society work. He is a member of the K. P.’s and is G. M. of the exchequer. He helped organize the Republican Party in the county and is now chairman of the Republican central committee. Mr. Hogue is an aggressive writer and publishes a very creditable paper indeed, a warm champion of the interests of Foster County.”

Source: Dickinson (ND) Press Sat 19 June 1915

The story circulating in the city papers concerning the long lost Lew Hogue, brother of HA Hogue of this city has very little of the elements of truth in it.  According to HA Hogue the facts are as follows:  Lew possessed a decidedly adventurous nature and even as a boy, showed a marked desire for going out into the world. Late in the 80s he left his home in Indiana and went west, coming as far as Foster County in this state. After a year or so, having made a visit home, he started west again. All trace of him was lost at Chicago. Years passed by and still no word came.  Although the mother refused to give up hope, every one else believed him dead, some thinking that possibly he had met with foul play on the way. About a month ago, HA Hogue the brother of this city, received a letter which cleared up the mystery.  Lew, after a silence of 27 years, decided it was about time to drop his relatives a line. It was learned that he had enlisted in the regular US Army and had had adventure to his heart's desire, having been in China during the Boxer uprising and in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war. FOr the last year he has been in a hospital in San Francisco, with an injured limb.  He served in the US Army about 25 years.  His friends, although sorry for his misfortune, are glad that they have located him at last.

Source: Dickinson ND Press 3 Nov 1917 Sat

The HA Hogue home will be graced by a number of guests the coming week, some of whom have already arrived to be here for the wedding of Miss Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hogue and Cecil Baker of Edmunds, NC; next Thursday. Mrs. JW McIlonie, sister of the bride-elect, arrived on Thursday from Edmunds and County Superintendent Mary K. Beatty, her aunt is expected on No 3 today (Friday) from Carrington. Miss Hogue who has been teaching at Culvertson, Mont during the past summer is expected tomorrow.

Source: Dickinson Press 5 July 1902 Sat

HA Hogue of Carrington has some sugar maples which were sent him from Indiana and which are thriving well. There are few sugar maples to be found in the state.

Source: Dickinson ND Press 5 Nov 1910
HA Hogue who has been with the Missouri Valley Land Co th epast season will go to Regent Dec 1 to be associated with the Black Butte Land Co for the winter.

Imagine this is Harry A. Hogue born 4 Feb 1863 died 22 July 1931 Stark County NC buried Carrington Cemeter, Foster County but I had him figured about 5 years older than that so ....

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