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Hynes (Hines) - Constant

Source: Hale, Will T. A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans: the leaders and representative men in commerce, industry and modern activities.  Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1913, p 2271.

A Union veteran of the great war between the states, Mr. Hynds is a native son and has spent nearly all his career in Weakley County where the family has been residents fot more than 3/4 of a century. Constant H. Hynds was born at Hyndsver, near where he now lives, April 29, 1844. His father was Benjamin Davis Hynds, who it is thought was born in VA in 1811. Grandfather George H. Hynds, moved from VA to Tenn, lived for a time in Jefferson County, later in Wilson County and was in the merchandising business at Satesboro. His grandson now has an old account book which shows some of the early prices of 1837. For instance, $3 was charged for 8 yards of calico, one dollar for 8 pounds of sugar. Late in life the grandfather and his wife moved to Weakley Co where they spent their last days with their son, Benjamin Davis, where both died at a good age. Benjamin D. Hynds came to Weakley Co about 1836, locating at the site of Hyndsver on land owned by his father-in-law, secured originally from the government. There he built a log house, one of pretentious commodiousness of that time, comprising two rooms downstairs and two upstairs. Many years passed before the first railroad penetrated this section of Tenn and pioneer existence prevailed everywhere in this locality. The father gave all his attentions to farming and continued to reside in Weakley County until his death April 4, 1883, his 78th year. The maiden name of his wife, Sarah E. Hardeman was born in middle Tenn in Rutherford Co, Feb 1, 1817, a daughter of Constant Hardeman, a pioneer of Rutherford Co. her death occurred Feb 2, 1895, and she reared six children: George Washington; Constant Hardeman; Robert Henry; Parthenia Maria; Sarah Jack and Susan. Constant H. Hynds attended the neighborhood schools, and later was a student in an academy in Henry Co. He received an education better than the ordinary and was qualified and taught two years of school.

When 18, he enlistedin 1862 in company D, 7th Tenn Vol. Infantry in the Union Army and became Sgt in his company. He served with command until July 1863, after which time the regiment was consolidated with the Sixth Tenn Calvary and Mr. Hynds became quarter master sgt, in which capacity he continued until the close of the war, when in Tenn and Miss and the last battle in which he participated was Nshville Dec 1864. He was in Pulaski when the war colsed. Reutrning home, the Veteran soldier taught one term of school and then engaged in farming. In March 1874, he settled on the farm, which has ever since been his home. In 1871, Mr. Hynds married Franicis S. Clark, a native of Franklin Co VA. From Va the Clarks moved to Shelby Co KY and thence Montgomery Co IN where the parents died. Christopher Clark lived in Ky a time and then came to Tenn locating in Weakley County, where he followed his trade as a tailor. In 1850 he removed to Indiana settling in Montgomery County but in 1870 returned to Tenn and was a resident in Weakley until his death. Christopher Clark married Caroline Lewis Puckett, who was born in Wilson Co Tenn and daughter of Francis & Nancy Jones Puckett. The mother of Mrs. Hynds first married GEorge Hynds, who died in 1846. Her death occurred in IN 1852, and she left 5 children: Benjamin D; Francix P the two first being twins, David R. and Mary E. and Mrs. Hynds. The latter two were of her 2nd marriage and the 1st named of her 1st marr. Mr. and Mrs. Hynds reared 5 children: Charles H; Arthur L; Benjamin M; Hallie L and Wilbur a. Mr. Hynds has been a member of the Grand Army of the Republic but at the present time there is no post accessible to his county.
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