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Hurt - William J.

Source:  Zach, Karen Bazzani.  Montgomery Medicine Men and Women .... Crawfordsville, Indiana: Montgomery County Historical Society, 2002.

Having graduated from Rush Medical College in 1873, Dr. Hurt immediately came back to Montgomery County, settling in the New Ross area.  He had been born October 22, 1850 (the son of Absolom and Martha Claypool Hurt) near New Richmond and died at his home in Waynetown on October 8, 1919.  Death occurred from a short bout with pneumonia.

He taught school in his younger years.  He married Susan "Clara" Thomas and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  

Three sons were born to them, one dyin gin infancy; one dying in the Spanish-American War and the other, Paul, also became a doctor, practicing in Indianapolis.

Dr. William Johnson Hurt was said to have been a "man of fine personality and one who enjoyed the patronage of a large clientele."

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 14 May 1892 p 8

Drs. Hurt and Hamilton have opened up an institute at Waynetown for the cure of drunkenness and the opium habit which promises to be equal in every respect to Keeley’s.  They use the double chloride of gold and sodium with other remedies, hypodermically four times daily, together with medicine internally every two hours when awake.  Patients are allowed their customary stimulant as long as they desire it, but usually abandon it in three or four days, becoming thoroughly disgusted with it.  The treatment as administered by Drs. Hurt and Hamilton not only destroys the appetite for strong drink but restores the health of the patient.  All they ask of the patient is to exercise will power sufficient to submit himself for treatment and they will do the rest.  They will guarantee a cure in every case treated by them inside of 30 days.  All ordinary cases will be cured in 21 days.  Last, but not least, they will save the patient $25 by going there, which is no small item to many afflicted with inebriety.  Any person who is interested sufficient to call on or write the doctors will receive prompt replies to all inquiries. Will also be glad to refer them to some of the patient who have undergone this treatment and to all of the business men of Waynetown for further information.

Dr. Hurt has lived in this county all his life, has practiced medicine in Waynetown for the last 17 years.  He graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago in 1873.  He also holds diplomas from the Indiana Medical College and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Indianapolis, was VP of the Indiana State Medical Society in 1885.

Dr. Hamilton was born in this county, read medicine with old Dr. (James) McClelland of Crawfordsville, graduated at the Miami Medical College (1871) has been located at Waynetown for the last 20 years.  Today he is not only acknowledged to be a first class physician, but one of the best oculists and surgeons in the State.

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