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Hughes - David Wesley

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana.  Indianapolis: AW Bowen, 1913, pp 1196-1198.

The history of Montgomery county, Indiana, is not a very old one, in the usual light of history, for one is inclined to think of anything that smacks of history as happening in the remote and cloudy years of the long ago, as something very ancient, something occurring in a period very far removed from our own time. But notwithstanding the fact that the history, that is the period during which human events have been recorded, in this county, is considerably less than a century old, the changes that have here been noted have indeed been pronounced and even surprising to the contemplative mind, for old customs, scenes, manners and practically everything, in fact, have given way to the new, 'tis ever thus the old order changeth. The history of this locality is the record of the steady growth of a community planted in the wilderness and has readied its magnitude of today without other aids than those of industry. The people who redeemed it from the primitive wilds were strong-armed, hardy sons of the soil who hesitated at no difficulty and for whom hardships had little to appall. The early pioneers having blazed the path of civilization to this part of the Hoosier state, finished their labors, and many of them have passed from the scene, leaving the country in the possession of their descendants and to others who came at a later period and builded on the foundation which they laid so broad and deep. The Hughes family is of this class and its members have played no inconspicuous part in the upbuilding of a portion of this county, a very creditable representative of the present generation being David Wesley Hughes, who was born and reared in Union township and has spent his life in his native vicinity, where he is successfully engaged in farming, and he has done what he could to develop and advertise to the world the wonderful resources of a section favored by nature and for many decades the delight of the people who have had the good fortune of residing here.

David W. Hughes was born in Union township, Montgomery county, Indiana, August 14, 1848. He is a son of James B. and Levina (Wray) Hughes. The father was born in Kentucky, where he grew to manhood and received his education in the common schools, and from there he came to Indiana when a comparatively young man and entered eighty acres from the government, later securing forty acres more. This was in the early days and the land had to be cleared and slowly developed into a farm, but this he did through hard work and close application. He and his wife were pioneers in every sense of the word and they in every respect deserved the success which attended their efforts. They were neighborly, hospitable and honest, like the majority of first settlers in their time. The death of James B. Hughes occurred in 1864, his widow surviving thirty-eight years, attaining an advanced age, passing away in the year 1902.

David W. Hughes grew to manhood on the home farm and there he found plenty of hard work to do when a boy, for he assisted in developing the home farm. He had but small educational advantages, but he has since became a well informed man through wide home reading. He is now the owner of the school house in which he first went to school. He continued to work on the home farm until he was twenty-four years of age, then began renting land, which method he continued for six years, thereby getting an excellent start. He then inherited eleven acres, which formed the nucleus for his present fine farm of two hundred and seventy-three acres. He added to his holdings from time to time, prospering with advancing years, as a general farmer and stock raiser, which he has long followed on an extensive scale. He now devotes his time to trading in live stock and raising stock for the market. He is regarded as one of the best judges of live stock in the county and has been very successful as a buyer and shipper. A good grade of stock of all kinds is to be seen about his place from year to year. He has kept his land well improved and well cultivated and he has a pleasant home and attractive surroundings, and such outbuildings and improved farming machinery as his needs require.
Mr. Hughes was married on July 23. 1873, to Anna Clark, a native of Montgomery county, where she was reared to womanhood and where she received her education. She is a daughter of John and Mary (Britton) Clark, natives of England, where they spent their earlier years, coming to Montgomery county, Indiana, among the early settlers and here became well established through their industry and well known and highly respected by their neighbors.

Four children were born to David W. Hughes and wife, named as follows: Lurton, who lives in Crawfordsville; Lola, who married Will Hale, and they are engaged in farming in this county; Homer H. is living at home; Gracie died when two years of age.
Politically, he is a Democrat, and while he is loyal to his party's principles and deeply interested in local public affairs, he himself has no desire to be a public man or hold office.  Fraternally, he is a member of the Masonic Blue Lodge, and in religious matters he is a member of the Christian church, which he liberally supports and regularly attends.

Source: Saturday, Jan 9, 1932 Crawfordsville Journal-Review

David Wesley HUGHES, 83, one of the best known farmers in Montgomery County died at his home north of Crawfordsville Saturday morning at 9:15 o´clock following an illness of one week. Pneumonia was the cause of his death. Funeral services will be conducted at the home on Monday afternoon at 2. Interment will take place in the Young´s Chapel Cemetery.
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