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Hostetter - L.W.



In                  1870, L. W. HOSTETTER from Ladoga, Indiana arrived in Wellsville                  on one of the first trains to run on the newly completed railroad.                  His family and household possessions arrived later by covered                  wagon. He purchased a 1200 acre tract about three miles south                  of Wellsville which had prairie bluestem pasture and an abundant                  supply of water provided by over a mile of Hickory Creek to                  raise and feed cattle. Fencing and barbed wire had yet to be                  invented and small enclosures were made by stone, split rail                  or wood so immediately began the task of growing fences by planting                  osage orange seeds for hedge. Until the hedges were large enough,                  it was the duty of his ten year old son, A. D., to keep the                  grazing cattle from wandering away from the home farm. The cattle                  operation was a large one for that time and provided a market                  not only for the grain raised on his farm, but also a market                  for the neighbors' surplus grain. Mr. Hostetter was active in                  community affairs and served two terms in the State Legislature.                  In 1875, the northwest corner of the farm was given to the community                  as a Cemetery and was known as the Hostetter Cemetery for many                  years. Later it became known as Walnut Creek Cemetery. Descendants                  of Mr. Hostetter who remained in this area are: A. D.. Josephine                  and Lucky.

Thanks to Esther Troutt for this great biography!

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