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Himes - Daniel

Source: Family Histories of Montgomery County, Indiana 1823-1988 (Paducah, Ky: Turner, 1988) p 196

Daniel  Himes, Sr. was born May 24, 1795 near Bonsacks Station, Roanoke, VA in  Botetourt Co. He married Mary WRIGHTSMAN who was born July 15, 1796.  Their children were: John (1818-1894); David (1820-1865); Susanna  (1821); Daniel H, Jr. (1823-1894); William (1824 -) ; Jacob (1829-1879);  Mary Ann (1835-1910); Abraham (1836-) and Sarah Elizabeth (1838-).
The  first five of their nine children were born in Virginia. In the year  1826, the Daniel Himes, Sr. family emigrated to Ross County, Ohio. The  last four children were born there. The method of travel to Ohio was by  wagon with the probability that some of the family walked. Two dogs  accompanied them. While crossing the Ohio River on a ferry boat, one dog  jumped off and swam back to the Virginia shore. Arriving in Ross  County, Ohio, they built a log cabin on a hill top. At HIllsboro, Ohio  the family farmed for 19 years, some sons worked at Rapid Forge, a place  where iron products were made and some worked at a distillery nearby.  That location is 10 miles north east of Hillsboro along Paint Creek. In  the late fall of 1845, Daniel Sr. and son Daniel walked the entire  distance to Montgomery County, Indiana. Arriving at William Gish's,  their relative's home. Through him a lease was obtained from samuel  Britts to clear some land and built a cabin. Mr. Britts furnished a team  and Berniah Hostetter accompanied the two Himes men back to Ohio. When  Mr. Hostetter and the Daniel and Mary Wrightsman Himes family arrived at  Samuel Britts' home near Ladoga it was cold and a good lot of snow was  on the ground. The date was Jan 5, 1845. Their home for many years was  the cabin built in the fall of 1845. The usual hardships endured by the  early settlers fell to the lot of the Himes family making this new home.  The entire country was pracdtially unbroken forest and much labor was  required in clearing land so a crop could be planted. John returned to  Ohio living his whole life there. May Ann died at McCane, Ks. Daniel H,  Jr. married Mary L. Harshbarger on May 16, 1850, the duaghter of Jacob  and Salome Harshbarger. Mary was born Jan 30, 1833. Jacob Himes married  Catherine Linn in 1853; after her death he married Catherine Kessler.  Daniel Himes, Sr. died Feb 17, 1879 in his 84th year. Mary Wrightsman  Himes died Oct 19, 1866 at age 70. Both died at the home of Daniel H.  Himes, Jr. which was located one-half mile north of Ladoga. The Himes  family were respected and useful citizens of the Scott Township  community and have done their part to make it a worthy place to live.  They have lived an honorable and exemplary life.
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