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Hester - Nora Peffley

Source: The Peffley, Peffly, Pefley Families in America, A historical  and genealogical record of the Peffley, Peffly and Pefley  families from 1729-1938; Published in 1938, By May Miller Frost  and Clarence Earl Frost
 305--NORA EDITH PEFFLEY (dau. of  Daniel Peffley & Susan Stokes ) married at Raccoon,  Ind.,
 Putnam Co., July 22nd, 1908 CHARLES ROY HESTER, born at  Ladoga,
 Mar. 1st, 1886 (son of JOHN HENRY and IDA JANE (Kennedy)  HESTER).
 Roy owns Maple Grove Stock and Grain Farm.
 Address (as of 1938); Route 7, Crawfordsville, Ind.
 1--GLADYS LORAINE HESTER, b. 9-4-1912, Putnam Co.
 2--LELAH FAY HESTER, b. 2-21-1919.
 3--BETTY JEAN HESTER, b. 4-26-1927.
Thanks so much to Jeff Scism for all the Peffley information :)
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